MSI proudly announces an upgrade of the PRO series All-in-One and Desktop PC line up. With cleverly designed All-in-One PC’s and mini PC’s that fit in the palm of your hand, these are the ideal PC’s for consumers and businesses. Small, fast and beautiful design are all key factors for the PRO Series All-in-One and Desktop PC’s.

Thanks to the implementation of a wide range of the latest Intel® processors, users can benefit from a palm-size mini PC or slim All-in-One PC, which is now more powerful than ever! All MSI PRO Series are mountable on a wall for example by VESA standards. For commercial applications, all the PRO Series models come with plenty of ports to connect external devices, and is the essence of smart computing.


Smaller than a lunchbox and less volume than a large soda can, MSI Cubi N is the smallest mini PC in its kind. With a 0.45 liter case that still provides all the elements of a desktop-worthy PC. With curved edges, a streamlined look, a fanless design and conveniently positioned I/O ports, the MSI Cubi N is not only the smallest, but also the smartest in its kind.


Meet the new energy efficient Cubi mini-pc with an STX (5×5) form factor; Cubi 2 Plus. It’s perfectly suited to serve as a HTPC at home, an all-around media PC in the office or for commercial projects. With enough ports to connect any kind of device, also through the USB 3.1 Gen1 type C ports. Need speed? With the M.2 SSD there is no more waiting for applications to load, it starts instantly. Cubi 2 Plus: small body, powerful mind.


Meet MSI’s most versatile All-in-One PC, the MSI Pro 16 Flex. An improved way of computing, suited for a wide range of environments with touch functionality, responsive performance and flexible mounting options. The 15.6″ LED backlit 10-point touch controlled PC can be used in standing-, hanging- or flat mode. The Pro 16 Flex also has a Built-in battery that protects it from damage and data loss during an unexpected power failure.


As a technology pioneer, MSI takes customer satisfaction as the momentum and the pioneering R&D staff as the root to market its global presence over 120 countries. A complete line-up of notebook PCs, All-in-One PCs, motherboards, graphics cards, desktops, servers, IPCs, robotic appliances and vehicle electronics demonstrate MSI’s strengths and endeavors in consumer and commercial markets. With the brand slogan of “Innovation with Style,” MSI spares no effort in the pursuit of excellent quality, user-friendly design and exquisite fashion products. MSI’s core values “Innovation” and “Style” have made it the leading brand beyond customer expectations. For more product information, please go to