LONDON, APRIL 13 2016 

Netatmo, an innovative company developing consumer electronics for a better and connected lifestyle, announces a partnership with IFTTT, a service that connects hundreds of your favourite apps and devices together. Users now have the ability to integrate their Wind Gauge to create simple Recipes that trigger personalized, programmed actions.

Accessory of the Weather Station, the Wind Gauge accurately measures wind’s speed and direction with its sophisticated ultrasonic technology. Starting today, it has a channel on IFTTT to trigger new actions. Users can now create custom scenarios related to their wind measurements through IFTTT’s mobile and web application.

First, users select a trigger based on information provided by their Netatmo Wind Gauge and then create custom actions. For example, consumers can create personalized actions that shut their garage doors when the wind is too strong, that turn their watering system on or off depending on the strength of the wind. They can also choose to be emailed if the wind allows wind surfing, kite surfing, golfing etc.  

About Netatmo

Founded in 2011, Netatmo is an innovative company developing consumer electronics for a better and connected lifestyle. Netatmo carefully designs their products’ mechanics, electronics and embedded software. Netatmo industrializes them with the finest quality standards and designs the mobile and web applications that unleash their capabilities.

Netatmo’s smart products fall into three categories: security, environment and heating.

The first device launched by the company, the Weather Station for Smartphone, allows owners to monitor the environment in more than 170 countries. It is the world’s crowd-sourced weather observation network. In November 2013, Netatmo launched their Thermostat for Smartphone, dedicated to the European market. Designed by Philippe Starck, it helps users to save 37% energy to heat their home. Netatmo launched Welcome in 2015. Welcome is an indoor security camera with revolutionary face recognition technology to distinguish who is at home and to alert immediately about intruders.

At CES 2016, Netatmo unveiled Presence the first outdoor security camera with breakthrough deep learning technology, able to detect and report about people, cars and animals.

Netatmo is widely recognized for its products each year at the prestigious CES Innovations Design & Engineering. In 2016, the brand has been honoured for Presence with 4 CES Awards.