Taipei, Taiwan-January 13th, 2020Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Cooling, Gaming Gear, and Enthusiast Memory solutions, is proud to announce that the first-ever light editing contest in the world will be starting soon! Within four weeks, ten contestants from eight different countries will show how well they can compose a light show with Thermaltake’s latest RGB lighting customization editing software—NeonMaker. Each contestant has received six Riing Quad Fans. Contestants can only use the provided fan and the NeonMaker Light Editing software to create this light show and fight for the top three positions for a total cash prize pool of $6,500 US dollars. The contestants will be graded by their originality, artistry, utilization of the software, and their video quality.  

Contestants would not only be graded by Thermaltake judges and the TT CEO but also carefully selected professional modders. Tt community members would also contribute 30% of the final scores for each contestant. So, do not miss out on the chance to win amazing prizes every week during the prediction giveaway event and the final giveaway event by joining the Tt community and vote for your favorite light show!

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2020 Thermaltake NeonMaker Lighting Mix Invitational Season 1 Highlights

NeonMaker Lighting Mix with The NeonMaker Software

NeonMaker not only provides various pre-set lighting effects but allows users to edit their lighting effects on every single LED light bulb, granting access to customize users’ lighting effects further.  To download the NeonMaker software, please visit  To learn more about the functions of NeonMaker software, please visit

NeonMaker Lighting Mix with The Riing Quad Radiator Fan

Riing Quad radiator fan is designed to be quiet and with its four independent LED rings bringing a total of 54 LEDs and 16.8 million color combinations. The Riing Quad’s editing possibilities are next to infinite with the support of NeonMaker software and our TT RGB PLUS Ecosystem. Thermaltake Riing Quad Fans come in 12 cm and 14 cm size with both black and white versions. To learn more about the product, please check on our product site:

Meet the Modders

Ben Quintanilla is an emerging new face within the computer modding industry. His background in design and photography gives his builds a modern, clean approach.

Calen Saddler, also known as “Envious Mods.” A passionate modder who primarily builds custom mods for PC and tech shows throughout the world and consults for various tech companies. 

Wei Lee, a modder from SengYang, Northeast China, holds great interest in PC Modding and loves to share experiences to bring more fun to inspire others on PC modding.

Corey Gregory, 26 years old Australian modder is the CEO of Designs By IFR, which does Tech and Case Modding reviews and Custom PC modding guides.

Jonathan Lightwood from Braintech society, who turned modding into a way of life, has enjoyed playing with the Thermaltake’s Riing Trio and TT Premium Plus RGB items. 

Maulik Patel founded Mhtech Global, is an Indian modder who started his modding carrier since 2013 and still likes to think out of the box for his creations. 

Samuel Callanta from the Philippines, who’s eager to grow and try new things and made modding one of his art mediums and lifestyle is coming to fight for the NeonMaker.

Sanjaya Bhanu, born and raised in Sri Lanka, working in Taiwan, always tries to incorporate something new to all of his MODs and creates something that’s both Art and Technology.

Timmy Parker (PC Werkz) Born and raised in San Diego, CA, built his first PC in 2011 and now builds side projects for people and mod for fun.

Wael El Kadri, 32 years old civil engineer, who is passionate about the world of computer hardware in all its forms, and is curious and willing to explore new tech and modding every day. 

How to Vote and Voting Rules

A weekly voting event will be held on the Tt Community forum and prizes will be given out to members who vote. You can choose to vote via the desktop or mobile devices. The Tt MOD App by Thermaltake is tailor-made for the mobile users to receive the latest information from the competition and join the voting event. The total percentage of the score allocated to the community voting is 30%, with 35% by Thermaltake, and 35% by expert modders.

The Tt Community platform ( is open to all users. We welcome you to join us by interacting and sharing valuable information and experiences with one another. Most importantly, your opinions and ideas will help us better understand your desires and expectations of our products and services. Don’t hesitate; come register and vote for your favorite modder right away!