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  • Purchase: £329.99 At the time of review

noblechairs may still be a fairly new company but they sure are shaking up the Gaming Chair market with their high-quality products. Today, noblechairs have been kind enough to send us their latest chair, ICON. noblechairs is known for their attention to detail, even things such as the chairs stitching are important to them and it shows. The ICON comes in a couple of different colours and has both PU and real Leather models available. We will be taking a look at the PU model in Black/Blue. The chair itself is all black and it’s the stitching which is blue which gives it a nice accenting rather than a complete in your face look. The lumbar/neck pillows are also black and feature the blue stitching to help keep the overall look of the chair flowing nicely.

Being a part of the Pro Gamersware/Caseking groups, noblechairs has a vast market of customers at its fingertips, both personal and businesses. While this is not the only key to success, there is no denying that it has helped to give them the one up on a lot of their competition. Does noblechairs have what it will take to be known as the number one brand for gaming chairs? Well, the answer to that is a bit out of my expertise but what I can say is they are on the right path. Great name, check. Even greater products, check. Good staff, check. I’m, sure you’ve all heard enough now so let’s see how to put their ICON series gaming chair together and get this review started.

Peformance and Usage

As this is our first review for noblechairs, I felt obligated to show the setup process. If you’ve put together any other gaming chair, it is likely going to be very similar though some parts will look a tad bit different. The first thing I like to do is take everything out of the box and get it laid out so I know where it all is.

noblechairs icon

To get things started off, I always put the casters into their holes in the base first.

noblechairs icon 1

Next, I insert the gas lift and it’s plastic protector and then slide this all to the side for a bit.

noblechairs icon 2

The noblechairs require you to add the plastic arms onto the multi-function mechanism. They do simply just put on with a bit of effort and please do yourself a favour and make sure you get them put on the right way around as they can be a pain to take off!

noblechairs icon 3

Now what I like to do is attached the back of the chair to the base. Some people will put the base of the chair on the lift first but I have learned it is easier for me to do it this way. The reason being is that if you put the base on the gas lift when you go to attach the backrest, the whole thing will start spinning on you and while you can combat this, it’s easier to not have to worry about it. Hence why I attach the back to the base first!

There are two screws on each side of the backrest that is needed to attach it to the base. Simple lined the holes on the back up with the base and then insert the screw and repeat until all four screws are in. Another small tip is to not fully screw any of the screws in until all the screws are at least half way in. It is also worth noting that in terms of lining everything up at this stage, the noblechairs ICON has been the easiest chair to do so with and assemble.

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Once the back is attached to the base, you can add the small plastic covers over the screws and brackets. These simply attach with a single screw.

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Now it is time to add the multi-function mechanism to the base. Simply flip the chair over and you will see four holes on the base that line up with the mechanism. When installing this piece, make sure that the big turn knob is facing what will be the front of the chair when you are sitting in it.

noblechairs icon 6

Now we can insert the gas lift/5-star base into the multi-function mechanism. To do so, I have found it very easy to tip the gas lift in as shown in the image below then stand the chair up. Those feeling up to the challenge may opt for lifting the whole chair up and trying to set it atop the gas lift, while not impossible, have fun with that!

noblechairs icon 7

Closer Look

noblechairs have paid a great detail of attention to all aspects of their chairs and that becomes immediately evident as soon as you see on in person. Even the pillows included with their ICON series chair are top-class and speak on the overall quality noblechairs have set out to achieve.

noblechairs icon 9

The crown on top of the throne is fit for a king! Even this small logo atop the chair speaks on the high-quality that noblechairs have to offer.

noblechairs icon 10

Even the stitching has been meticulously planned and executed. noblechairs have literally left no stone unturned when it comes to the quality their chairs have to offer. The stitching is what adds a bit of colour to their ICON series of chairs and it manages to do so without being overpowering.

noblechairs icon 11

The armrests have a few functions of their own. On the inside of each armrest, you will find two buttons. The one towards the front allows you to move the armrest back and forth when pushed in. The one in the middle allows you to move the armrest side to side and the last one, the one on the outside lets you move the armrests up and down. While these may seem like small functions, they allow each individual user to get the chair setup to their own liking, offering the most is customizability.

noblechairs icon 12

noblechairs icon 13

The five-star base is made from aluminium instead of plastic as we have previously seen with some other gaming chairs. noblechairs knows what it takes to be the best. This is yet another one of those small details that are great to see hasn’t gone overlooked. The casters are 60mm which is almost 2.5″ and are suitable for both hard and soft surfaces.

noblechairs icon 14

This has to be the highest quality chair we have yet to review here at Enos Tech. Once it is fully set up and complete, it is hard to compete with. noblechairs surely are making a name for themselves as far as quality is concerned and it is great to see.

noblechairs icon 15

Final Thoughts


The ICON series from noblechairs has a lot going on for it. In terms of performance, it offers functionality and comfort while being very stylish. From the casters that will roll across hard or soft surfaces to the customizable armrests, the ICON surely is one of a kind. Whether reclining back while taking a small break or spinning from side to side looking at different monitors, the ICON is more than up to the task. As far as comfort is concerned, the ICON offers a sturdy yet pleasant sitting experience. The foam in the chair is not one that is going to flatten down or lose shape easily which also means that it will provide the same comfort for you for quite some time.


It is easy to see how much time and thought noblechairs has put into the design of the chair. Everything is perfectly crafted and functions with the utmost performance. One of the many things that are great to see is the fact that the ICON series also comes in a few different colours and even comes in both real and PU faux leather versions. The ICON series of chairs is the highest-quality gaming chair I have yet to see. Even the stitching is one of those small details that noblechairs didn’t overlook and it accompanies all the other top-quality components perfectly. In terms of raw design, the ICON series will be hard to match.


This ICON is far from being one of the cheapest gaming chairs currently available. In fact, it carries a top of the range price tag and rightly so. The ICON is crafted from the best materials which allow it to offer an impeccable design and top-notch performance. If you want one of the best chairs for around £330 then this is definitely one to consider. When you see all that you are getting for your money when it comes to this chair you surely won’t be disappointed. It has all the features a gaming chair could need while being design to look absolutely amazing.

Enos Tech Must Have Award Enos Tech Design Award

Many thanks to noblechairs for sending in their ICON series chair for review.