Mid March 2019 NZXT, a leading developer of software driven hardware solutions for PC gaming announced the HUE 2 Ambient RGB Lighting Kit V2 which is powered by their CAM Software Suite. The updated version of the HUE 2 RGB Ambient Kit brings improvements that make installation easier and helps to ensure that the included LED strips stay put. CAM software puts you into full control of the HUE 2 ecosystem delivering the  broadest line of RGB lighting accessories for PC Builders with over 10 different accessories counting the HUE 2 RGB Lighting kit, Underglow kit, AER RGB 2 Fans and even Cable Combs. Now where I am not a fan of RGB built into a monitors design I do like the idea of the HUE 2 ecosystem. I personally enjoy adding RGB to light my surroundings up at night while I work and play and this looks to be a feature rich option to really get your space glowing.

HUE 2 Ambient RGB Kit V2 New Features

  • Stronger Adhesive: Upgraded the 3M LED strip adhesive backing tape to be thicker and stickier. It is more compatible with the different surfaces and textures of monitors on the market.
  • L-Shape Corner Connector: For easier setup, we replaced the 150mm corner connectors to an L-shape corner connector for the top left and bottom right of your monitor.
  • Alcohol Wipes: As your monitor may be dusty or dirty, we added alcohol-based cleaning wipes so you can clean the back of the monitor before adhering the LED strips.

Available in two configurations, one for 21” to 25”/34”-35” Ultra-wide monitors and one for 26” to 32” monitors, the HUE 2 RGB Ambient Lighting Kit adds gorgeous lighting to your gaming PC and provides a more immersive in-game experience* by projecting the colors from the edges of your display to your walls.

  • HUE 2 RGB Ambient Lighting controller

  • Faster microprocessor enables incredibly smooth lighting effects and virtually instantaneous response changes to colors on the screen in ambient mode

  • Multiple LED strips in various lengths, along with easy-to-follow configuration and installation instructions for various monitor sizes and aspect ratios

  • AC power adapter

  • All necessary cables

  • Compatible with all HUE 2 accessories and CAM lighting modes
    * Ambient lighting modes are available only with the HUE 2 Ambient Lighting controller and require the use of CAM as a registered user, including acceptance of the then-current NZXT Terms of Service.

Product Page and MSRP Pricing: HUE 2 Ambient RGB Lighting Kit V2

USA –     Now
EU – April 12, 2019
ROW – April 12, 2019