In the fast-evolving landscape of personal computing, customization is the key to unlocking true potential. Opsys has introduced a game-changing tool that empowers users to craft their dream PCs effortlessly. Their new configurator will not only allow you to see how much your PC will cost, but it also allows you to see in real-time what the components would look like inside it! This is going to take the guesswork out of PC building. Best of all, it can be used by anyone, not just those looking to purchase an Opsys PC.

To use this configurator, please visit the OPSYS CONFIGURATOR PAGE.

Understanding the Opsys Online Visual PC Builder

Opsys’ innovative tool redefines the PC customization journey. It offers a user-friendly interface that transforms the technical complexity of PC building into an engaging, intuitive process. It does so by allowing the user to configure every single component and in some cases, even the front panel of the case.

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Seamless Interface for Intuitive Customization

With Opsys’ tool, users can kiss goodbye to confusion and frustration. The interface guides them through the process, ensuring even newcomers can create a powerful PC without feeling overwhelmed.

Opsys doesn’t just offer components; it offers peace of mind. The tool checks compatibility at every step, and it provides performance metrics, ensuring that the chosen components harmonize to deliver optimal results.

Vast Selection of Components

The heart of any PC is its components. Opsys acknowledges this by offering an extensive array of high-quality components, granting users the freedom to select components that align with their needs.

Opsys works with the best manufacturers in the PC component space to ensure you get the best parts for your new PC. No need to worry about if they cheaped out on the power supply, or stuck an OEM motherboard in that can’t be upgraded. You have full control of what goes into your PC.

Some of the manufacturers they work with are, ASUS, Corsair, MSI, NZXT, Phanteks, and many more!

Real-time Visualization for Informed Decisions

One of the most groundbreaking features of this tool is its real-time visual representation. As users tweak components, they can witness the changes instantly, empowering them to make well-informed decisions. Yes, as you start your build with the Opsys Configurator, you will see each component added in as you select it for your PC. This will give you a realistic idea of exactly what your PC will look once it is finished!

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Effortless Sharing and Collaboration

Join a vibrant community of like-minded enthusiasts. Share your experiences, learn from others, and gain valuable insights that go beyond the tool itself.

Opsys acknowledges that PC building is often a collaborative effort. The tool allows users to share their configurations seamlessly, whether it’s for advice, validation, or simply showing off their dream machine.

Sharing is as easy as copying the link or using one of the sharing options available on the site. Either way, you will be able to show off your creation with ease.

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Revolutionizing the PC Building Experience

Opsys’ tool isn’t just about assembling hardware; it’s about revolutionizing the experience. It blurs the lines between novice and expert, democratizing PC customization. Literally, anyone can make use of this tool!

While gaming is a significant focus, Opsys’ tool isn’t limited to it. Students, professionals, and more can also utilize the configurator to spec out a PC of their desire.


Opsys’ Online Visual PC Builder Tool isn’t just groundbreaking; it’s a revolution in personalized computing. With its intuitive interface, expansive component selection, real-time visualization, and community engagement, it empowers users to create PCs that are as unique as they are. As mentioned, it even gives you some performance stats so you have an idea of what to expect when it arrives. This is truly a revolutionary PC-building experience.

To use this configurator, please visit the OPSYS CONFIGURATOR PAGE.


  1. Is the Online Visual PC Builder suitable for beginners? Absolutely. The tool is designed to cater to users of all proficiency levels, ensuring a seamless experience for beginners.
  2. Can I save and share my configurations with others? Yes, the configurator allows you to save and share your configurations effortlessly, making collaboration and advice-seeking a breeze.
  3. Does the tool provide performance estimates? Yes, the tool offers some performance metrics, ensuring you make informed decisions about your PC components.
  4. Can I use the tool for non-gaming PC builds? Certainly. While gaming is a highlight, the tool’s versatility makes it ideal for all types of PC builds, including professional workstations.
  5. Where can I access the Opsys Online Visual PC Builder? Access the tool at

In a world where customization fuels innovation, Opsys’ Online Visual PC Builder Tool stands as a testament to the endless possibilities of personal computing. Don’t just build a PC; craft a masterpiece that mirrors your aspirations and needs.