07.05.2020 – Warsaw, Poland – The European manufacturer of CPU coolers, power supplies and PC cases, SilentiumPC, is launching four new models of the Spartan in the fourth version. The Spartan series enjoys great popularity in the entry-level segment, where the price-performance ratio is particularly important. The Spartan 3 has already positioned itself as a cost-effective alternative to the boxed cooler. From now on, the new Spartan 4 and Spartan 4 MAX models will follow in its footsteps, offering great versatility. The compact and lightweight Spartan 4 as well as Spartan 4 EVO ARGB CPU coolers rely on two copper heatpipes, a 100 mm fan and an aluminum heatsink for an optimal price-performance ratio. In contrast, both the Spartan 4 MAX and the Spartan 4 MAX EVO ARGB versions are equipped with three copper heatpipes, a larger aluminum heatsink and a 120 mm axial fan.This makes the new Spartan 4 models ideal for ambitious PC build projects with a limited budget and as an upgrade for existing PCs with boxed coolers that are to be upgraded with more power at a lower noise level.

Sleek or flashy with ARGB

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With the new models, SilentiumPC is focusing on greater variety, as both the Spartan 4 and the larger Spartan 4 MAX are available in a sleek but also a modern version with ARGB lighting system. The EVO ARGB versions, rely on axial fans with an integrated lighting system, which thanks to addressable RGB LEDs, allow for breathtaking illumination and effects. The ARGB systems of most motherboard manufacturers are supported, including Asus™ AURA, ASRock POLYCHROME SYNC, Gigabyte RGB Fusion and MSI MYSTIC LIGHT.

Spartan 4 and Spartan 4 EVO ARGB

4027309b 77fb 47e8 9530 831ac6f4c3f5Despite their compact size and low weight of 410 grams, the new entry-level models are able to ensure very effective heat dissipation. This is achieved through the use of two high-performance copper heatpipes and an aluminium heatsink optimized for this purpose. The heatpipes are embedded in the base plate in such a way that they form a large part of the base plate, resting directly on the processor’s heatspreader.A Sigma Pro 100 mm PWM fan and a Pulsar Pro ARGB 100 mm Auto LED fan on the EVO ARGB model provide sufficient air flow. Both support PWM and offer a wide speed range from 800 to 2.000 rpm. Thus, it is possible to set the optimal operating point for each user via the mainboard’s fan control.

Spartan 4 MAX and Spartan 4 MAX EVO ARGB


d5ecdb45 8587 40d1 9a6e a8241331af03The MAX suffix stands for the increase in thermal performance and additional improvements. The increase in performance is achieved by the use of an additional copper heatpipe and increasement of the cooling fin area. The Spartan 4 MAX grows only minimally in size to a height of 143 mm and thus remains compact. Thanks to the slim design, excellent compatibility with the main memory is ensured at the same time.

Active cooling is provided by a Sigma HP 120 mm PWM and by the Pulsar HP ARGB 120 mm Auto LED fan in case of the Spartan 4 MAX EVO ARGB. Thanks to the wide speed range from 250 to 1,600 rpm and PWM support, the fans can also be flexibly adjusted to the optimal operating point of the respective system.

Excellent compatibility

The extraordinary ease of installation of the Spartan 4 is one of its strengths. It is accomplished in just a few steps and is based on a solid backplate system. The multi-socket mounting system ensures compatibility with Intel™ sockets LGA 1151, 1150, 1155, 1156 and the new socket LGA 1200 as well as AMD™ sockets AM4, AM3(+), AM2(+), FM2(+) and FM1.

The new SilentiumPC Spartan 4 and Spartan 4 MAX models are available now.

Product Name Model# Warranty MSRP*
SilentiumPC Spartan 4 SPC270 2 years 15,50 €
 SilentiumPC Spartan 4 EVO ARGB SPC271 2 years 17,90 €
SilentiumPC Spartan 4 MAX SPC272 2 years 21,00 €
SilentiumPC Spartan 4 MAX EVO ARGB SPC273 2 years 23,50 €

*UVP, inkl. 19% MwSt.