The Precision series PS12 was created with the goal of exceeding user experience and expectation for affordable PC chassis by offering a wide range of features and complete it off with great build quality. A full array of features like USB 3.0, removable fan filter, all black painted interior and CPU back plate cutout are all standard in this great chassis. The top mounted power supply allows for easier installation and the cleverly designed interior allows up to four 3.5” HDD, one 2.5” HDD and up to 14.1” long graphic card to be installed. For those requiring a quality enclosure with great styling and flexibility, the PS12 is an excellent choice. 

Special Features: 

■ Quick access filters to prevent dust buildup

■ Motherboard back plate opening for quick CPU cooler assembly

■ Supports four expansion slots cards up to 14.1 inches long

■ All black painting inside with stylish look

■ Highly flexible drive storage options

You can find further information here:

The recommended End User price (excl. VAT):  $45 USD
The PS12 will be available on Nov. 25th.

ps12-13 silverstone ps12 pc case ps12-inside-left