Peripherals, something that most people use almost every day of their lives in some way, shape or form. Depending on your job, or what you like to do for fun, peripherals can play a very important role in helping you succeed and even exceed your limitations. Currently, PC Gaming is setting the world alight and as such, many companies are catering to this very specific market. However, this still leaves a lot of room open on what is actually considered a gaming peripheral. With the different genre’s of games and needs of individuals, most companies are creating extensive lines of gaming peripherals to try and make sure they have something for everyone.

Rantopad Logo

Up on the review block today, I will be taking a look at the Rantopad Cube Fashion Light Mousepad. This product is pretty unique and it is the first time I have seen something like it myself. The Cube mousepad is made from acrylic and has silica gel feet to help keep it in place and not allow it to slide around your desk.The size of the cube is 263mmx223mm and it also comes in three different colours, all of which I quite like myself.

Closer Look

While this is definitely a unique mousepad, there isn’t a whole lot going on with it except for the fact it lights up! Yes, it lights up! I for one love this feature and while it may not always be practical, I think it looks amazing. The packaging is a nice neon yellow and really grabs your attention. Unfortunately at this time, a lot of the packaging and manuals only come in Chinese but I have been informed they are working on getting more English versions available in the near future.


The Cube mousepad itself comes in protective paper wrapping, that is inside a black box, which is inside the neon yellow sleeve. Rantopad has done a great job and making sure the Cube will reach its final destination with no majors scratches or dings to it. You will also notice it comes with a USB cable that is a similar colour to the mousepad itself, this is included so you can plug it in and make use of the LED lights inside the mousepad itself.


The Cube has a nice black base to help make sure the LED lighting doesn’t leak out and again, the acrylic part comes in three different colours for you to choose from. The acrylic is 6mm thick so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about it breaking from a rage quite while gaming! While it is still breakable, it should be able to take a couple mouse slams!


I for one really do like the look of the Cube and while I may not use it every day, it is definitely something I will use in the future, especially when I have people over.



Final Thoughts

To be totally honest, on one hand,  I really like the Cube Fashion Light Mousepad. On the other, I don’t see it being a product I could use for my everyday activities for a couple of reasons. While I enjoy the glow for the mousepad, I feel it would be a bit too much if I had to endure it all day every day. Now I know I could go ahead and just unplug it when I don’t want the light, but that ruins half the fun for me. The other major issue for myself is the size, I am an avid gamer and the size of the Cube just is not going to cut it for me. I currently use a mousepad that covers my full desk and don’t think I could go back to anything smaller.

I do feel the cube has a place in the peripheral market, albeit a very niche product I have to admit. I can see this becoming something used by modders and enthusiasts who like to show off their PC’s more than they use them. Imagine seeing this mouse pad in a nice moody shot of a build featuring some of the MSI Lightning gear? Wow, that would be awesome.

Long story short, yes I really liked the Cube Fashion Light mousepad but I don’t see it being something for everyday use, at least not in my opinion. However, if this sort of thing really tickles your fancy this is a great option as when I did use, it works fine and didn’t cause any disturbances in my mouse using ways.

Big thanks to Rantopad for sending the Cube in and make sure to check back soon as we have some other products from them to review! 

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