The demand for and rumors of keyboard/mouse support for the Xbox console has been around for a while. Now with a teaser from Xbox’s Phil Spencer indicates that such support is “months” ahead. This just being announced along with the Xbox Play Anywhere program which is making cross­platform (PC/Xbox) play a reality at last. Many games have been announced at E3 this year that will be available on both Windows 10 and Xbox one. Cross platform multi­player is becoming more standard as well as data is being saved on a cloud server and follows you from device to device.

The cherry on top of the Xbox pile of information is that of the Xbox “Project Scorpio” which is

Microsoft’s response to the Sony’s Playstation “Neo” which won’t be released until holiday 2017. This may be concerning to those that were/are excited about the newly announced Xbox One S console that is promoted as being 40% smaller than the standard Xbox One. The Xbox One S will have a 2TB harddrive and will be priced at $399, but will there even be a demand for it considering the Xbox “Project Scorpio” has been announced?

Microsoft didn’t even come close to being all that impressive at E3 this year in comparison to other companies, but it will be interesting to see how Microsoft rolls out additional peripheral support, 4K content and display, and also cross platform play for next­gen games. The year of 2016 is an exciting time for gamer’s and the singularity is approaching. Perhaps one day we will find the day where a gamer is judged on the content of their behavior and not on the platform on which they choose to play.

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