In a market flooded with wireless headphone options, finding ones that truly stay “invisible” is a rare gem. Enter the SK19, the perfect choice for those seeking a discreet yet convenient way to enjoy music and take calls wirelessly. Currently, they are available for less than 5 euros, thanks to an ongoing offer.

Buy and Save €33

SK19 Earphones

Key Features of SK19

What sets them apart is their remarkably small size. This feature not only makes them discreet, sitting inconspicuously in your ears, but also adds the advantage of being harder to spot (or conveniently concealable under hats or long hair).

SK19 Wireless Earphones 3

Despite their compact form (4 mm thick, weighing just 2 grams: consider that a coin generally weighs around 5-6 grams!), these earphones don’t compromise on technology. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.3, they ensure a robust connection and low power consumption, providing users with a seamless and efficient wireless experience.

SK19 Wireless Earphones 1

The 30mAh battery capacity delivers an impressive 25 hours of usage through multiple recharges, taking approximately an hour to reach full capacity (100%). The included case, housing a 300mAh battery, not only protects the earphones but also features an LED screen displaying the remaining energy percentage. This allows users to monitor the available recharges, ensuring they never miss a beat. Experience wireless audio convenience without compromising on style with the SK19.

These earphones are also IPX7 certified, making them sweat-resistant and suitable for workouts at the gym while enjoying music or taking calls.

The promotion

Buy and Save €33

For those considering a purchase of SK19, an ongoing promotion offers a significant discount. Instead of the regular online price of €35.93, you can save 87%, bringing the cost down to just €4.44. Payment options include PayPal, which offers the added benefit of purchase protection. The promotion is available while stocks last. For more details on shipping, charges, and order management, refer to the seller’s website.