In the realm of personal audio, the Edifier W240TN True Wireless Earbuds emerge as a compelling option, adeptly balancing technological innovation with user-centric design. Equipped with coaxial dual-dynamic drivers, these earbuds deliver an expansive sound field, enriched by high-definition audio clarity and deep bass. They stand out with advanced features like enhanced active noise cancellation and ambient sound mode, tailored for both immersive listening and environmental awareness. Bluetooth V5.3 technology ensures a stable and efficient connection, while AI DNN call noise cancellation promotes crystal-clear communication. These earbuds are not just about sound; their chic, ergonomic design, coupled with a robust battery life and IP55 dust and water resistance, makes them versatile for a wide range of activities, from daily commuting to outdoor adventures. With these features, the Edifier W240TN earbuds are poised to satisfy the diverse needs of audiophiles, commuters, and casual listeners alike.

The W240TN Headphones are currently available on Amazon UK (Black Friday Deal £45.49) at the time of writing.

Edifier W240TN Key Features and Specifications

  • Coaxial Dual-Dynamic Drivers: Each earbud houses a 10mm woofer and a 6mm tweeter, delivering a natural, detail-rich, and high-definition audio experience. This dual-driver setup ensures a broad frequency response and an immersive listening experience​.
  • Active Noise Cancellation and Ambient Sound Mode: The W240TN excels in creating a tranquil audio environment. Its active noise cancellation is adept at muting the outside world, while the ambient sound mode keeps you connected to your surroundings when needed​.
  • Bluetooth V5.3: Offering a more robust and stable connection with lower power consumption, these earbuds are reliable for uninterrupted listening​.
  • AI DNN Call Noise Cancellation: This feature ensures clear communication, separating human voices from background noise effectively​.
  • Battery Life: The earbuds offer about 7 hours of playback with noise cancellation on, and approximately 8.5 hours with it off. The charging case extends the total playtime significantly​.
  • Design and Comfort: Inspired by locomotive pistons, the earbuds’ design is both chic and functional, with physical buttons for precise control. Four different sizes of ear tips are included for a comfortable and secure fit​​​.
  • Gaming Mode: An ultra-low latency mode under 80ms is available for a synchronized gaming experience, making these earbuds suitable for gamers as well​.
  • IP55 Rating: This makes the earbuds dust and water-resistant, ideal for outdoor activities and gym sessions​.
  • Fast Charging: A 10-minute charge can provide up to 2 hours of playtime​.
  • Edifier Connect App: This app allows customization of button controls and EQ settings, enhancing the user experience

Closer Look

We start with the packaging as we normally do and we have a nice picture of the earphones on the front of the box. We can also see the Edifier logo, Bluetooth logo, and a batter with a 25H in it. This is going to represent the play time of the earphones in total when charged with the case. So, you won’t be able to have 25 hours of continuous time, but altogether from a full charge of the case and earphones, you will get 25 hours.

Edifier W240TN Noise Cancellation in ear headphones box front

On the back, it goes into a lot more detail on some of the other features. It even breaks down some of the playing time and charging times. It boasts an impressive 2 hours of playback time after only 10 minutes of charging!

Edifier has also listed what comes inside the box with the W240TN which we will see in the next photo.

Edifier W240TN Noise Cancellation in ear headphones box back

Opening the box we can see the carry case in the bottom half. The top half is going to hold our accessories that come with the W240TN earphones.

Edifier W240TN Noise Cancellation in ear headphones box open

Inside the box are the W240TNN manual, aftersales card, charging case with earphones inside, charging cable, and a pack of three pairs of ear tips. There is already a pair on the ear phones meaning you get four pairs so you should be able to find the pair to best fit your ears with ease.

Edifier W240TN Noise Cancellation in ear headphones accessories

The top of the carry case has a small bit of Edifier branding on it, nothing to major.

Edifier W240TN Noise Cancellation in ear headphones carry case with logo

Opening the carry case up we can get our first look at the ST240N earphones.

Edifier W240TN Noise Cancellation in ear headphones earphones in case

Removing the earphone will reveal 2 gold prongs on each side, this is going to be what charges the earphones when they are in the case. This means you will need to make sure the right earbud goes in the correct side but should be to hard.

If you open up the case facing you, the right goes in the right and left into your left ear!

Edifier W240TN Noise Cancellation in ear headphones case open 1 earphone

The indicator light will let you know the status of the ST240N earbuds. Whether they are charging or ready to go, it’s an easy way to tell.

Edifier W240TN Noise Cancellation in ear headphones case open light on

While these are one of the most comfortable sets of earphones I have ever used, they are quite small. Not so small that you can’t get them out of your ears once you put them in, but so small it may take you a second or two.

The button on them can also be controlled VIA the Connect App which we will look at in a moment.

Edifier W240TN Noise Cancellation in ear headphones earbud edifier logo

The ear tips are easily removed and swapped and as we previously saw, there are a total of four pairs of ear tips that come with the ST240N earphones.

Edifier W240TN Noise Cancellation in ear headphones earphone ear piece

The two gold plates here are going to be what connects to the two small gold prongs in the charging case. They are small but efficient and I have never noticed a problem with them.

Edifier W240TN Noise Cancellation in ear headphones single ear phone

Use Cases

The Edifier W240TN earbuds are versatile, catering to various needs:

  • For commuters and travelers, the active noise cancellation and ambient sound modes make these earbuds a great companion for noisy environments like public transport or busy streets.
  • Music enthusiasts will appreciate the high-resolution audio and deep bass, providing an immersive listening experience.
  • Gamers will benefit from the low-latency gaming mode, ensuring audio sync during gameplay.
  • The earbuds are also suitable for outdoor activities and gym sessions, thanks to their IP55 rating.

Edifier W240TN Noise Cancellation in ear headphones carry case closed

Edifier Connect App

The Edifier Connect App gives you a lot of control over how the ST240N earphones sound and behave. You can change the EQ settings, add a timer, and even change what pressing the buttons do.






In conclusion, the Edifier W240TN True Wireless Earbuds are a standout choice in today’s market, skillfully combining high-quality audio performance with user-friendly features. The dual-driver design ensures a rich, detailed sound experience, while the active noise cancellation and ambient sound modes provide versatility for different listening environments. The earbuds’ ergonomic design, coupled with their long battery life and fast charging capabilities, make them suitable for extended use, whether for leisure or on the go. The added benefit of IP55 dust and water resistance further enhances their appeal for active users and outdoor enthusiasts. Importantly, these earbuds offer a high-value proposition, especially considering their current availability on Amazon UK (Black Friday Deal £45.49), making them an accessible choice for a wide range of consumers. Overall, the Edifier W240TN earbuds represent a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and affordability, making them an excellent investment for anyone in search of a reliable and versatile audio solution.


  • Excellent sound quality with dual drivers.
  • Effective noise cancellation and ambient sound modes.
  • Long battery life and fast charging capability.
  • Durable and stylish design, suitable for various activities.
  • Customizable settings through the Edifier Connect App.


  • The physical button design might not appeal to those who prefer touch controls.
  • IP55 rating, while good, isn’t the highest in terms of water resistance.

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