The online gambling industry continues to grow, as more players are giving casino games a shot. Some of them aspire to become professional gamblers, others simply want to test their luck, and there are those who enjoy placing wagers on sports events. Australia is one of the countries where casino games or pokies are really popular. It’s easy to find the best online casino for Australian players that allow users to transact in their own currency and claim bonuses for games popular in the land down under. Moreover, you can easily find a community of enthusiasts who love to play casino games. So, if you wish to give a few pokies a spin, or try some other games, we will be going over some life hacks that you might find helpful.     

Finding the Pokies You Like

As you are browsing different sites you will likely notice that some of them have a vast selection of pokies. It may seem like it’s just a variation of the same game, but that’s definitely not the case. Some of these pokies are more popular than the others, and there is a good reason for that. One of the most played games is Sweet Bonanza in Australia, and you should play it to discover what makes it so appealing, and what players are looking for in other games. In this instance, you can modify the minimum wager, and the game works like a combination of slot and Candy Crush. Meaning, it’s not really the same gameplay as some of the other titles that are available.

Generally speaking, you should be looking at a few different aspects of design elements in order to find a quality pokie experience. Go for those games that have a high RTP rate, and a high number of paylines. You should also try to play those pokies that have lower wagering limits much like Sweet Bonanza. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you can always try out these pokies for free or their demo version. This way you get to see how symbols interact with each other and what combination is necessary for bonus rounds or free spins. This will give you a good idea of just how volatile each game is.  

Claiming Bonuses 

One of the best things about online casinos is bonuses. You can create accounts across multiple platforms and take advantage of multiple promotions or bonuses. Given how there are so many online casinos out there it should be easy to play for days, even weeks, simply by relying on free spins or extra funds that you can get through welcome promotions. This is one of the best ways to get more out of online casinos, and not to worry about your expenses. However, there are a few things you should know before you go on a promo claiming spree.  

Almost all bonuses that are available, especially those that seem overly generous have some sort of wagering requirement. In other words, whenever you try to withdraw money from the casino you must meet those wagering requirements. It’s not going to be an issue if you win big, but if you plan to make smaller deposits and then make a withdrawal, the request will be denied. So, make sure you go over the terms and conditions to find out what are the wagering requirements for each bonus, and how your expenses are calculated towards meeting those requirements. Playing pokies or slots is typically the most efficient way to meet them, as other spending money games won’t necessarily count 100% of those expenses towards fulfilling the requirements.   

Basically, you can have lots of accounts that you only plan to use if you win big using the bonuses. It makes no sense to try and meet all of the requirements across different platforms. It’s also important that all of these accounts are with legitimate sites, so make sure they are licensed and regulated or use trusted review platforms to find the operators available in your area. 

Playing on a Budget

Bonuses tend to be a great deal for big spenders, and as we have seen in some cases they can be strategically utilized. However, if you are to pick a site where you can play regularly, these are the things you need to look for. As mentioned, find an operator with a good and diverse selection of games, including live games. This way you will definitely have more fun. See that their wagering requirements are as low as possible obviously, or even better if they have bonuses with no wagering requirements. Basically, this is a true promotion with no strings attached. 

There are two other promotions that you need to look for and they are cashback bonus and reload bonus.  With reload bonuses, you will get some extra cash whenever you make a deposit after a certain time period, which is great for casual players. The cashback bonus is something that will really help you save money, as the portion of lost funds will be credited back to your account during these cashback hours.   

Play Games that Require Strategy 

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If you plan to be a professional gambler, then you should ignore games like pokies and roulette. These are entirely luck-based, and there is no strategy that can help you improve your odds. On the other hand, blackjack, and poker both require a strategy to triumph. It’s important to note that not all online casinos offer poker rooms. The poker games they have are also entirely luck-based, and you play against the dealer, simply competing who will get a better hand. So, if you plan on playing real poker against other people, check if the platform also has poker rooms. 

As far as blackjack goes there are many online guides that you should memorize in order to play a perfect game. You can increase your odds further if you take courses on card counting. This can be really difficult, and it’s not for everyone so be prepared to dedicate a lot of time in order to master these techniques. 

Avoid Gambling Pitfalls 

Lastly, you always need to approach this as a form of entertainment, don’t view these games as a way to make a profit at all costs. Always pay attention to how much money you have spent, and set certain boundaries for yourself. Don’t think that your winning or losing streak plays any role in future outcomes. The games are entirely RNG and your lucky streak is not around the corner. Meaning, you need to know when to call it quits, and try another day.  If you feel frustrated just stop playing, that’s the best thing you can do. As with everything else, the key to enjoyment lies in moderation. 


These were some life hacks or tips that you can use when playing online casino games. Hopefully, you will find the suggestions presented here useful, and leverage this information to your advantage. This is a really popular hobby, but it can also lead to some negative outcomes. Problem gambling usually occurs in instances when people start to obsessively chase wins, and stop playing for fun.