Mobile gaming was the leading revenue generator in the industry, beating out consoles and PC gaming by 2016 and that trend is set to continue. 

From the earliest iteration of the generally available mobile phones, games have been a popular add on – and today the opportunity for mobile gaming includes titles that you would usually only be able to play on the latest consoles. 

The earliest game available for a mobile phone was a version of Tetris that was made available for the Hagenuk MT-2000 in 1994, but it wasn’t until Nokia began preinstalling Snake in all their handsets that mobile gaming really became popular. Snake might have been a basic game, but it is available now on more than 350 million devices globally and is still one of the most played games worldwide. 

Whether you want to get involved in playing a casino game or Slingo demo at Megaways Casino or getting involved in a battle royale in Fortnite, you have so many opportunities to play fabulous games wherever you are thanks to the computing power that is available in your smartphone. 

If you want to be more than just a casual gamer, then here are some tips for getting the most out of your mobile gaming experience. 

Don’t Overspend

While many of the awesome games that are available in the iOS and Android stores are free to download and play, they often involve in-app purchases that can make the costs skyrocket. 

Most games get around needing a paywall to access the game through advertising, and while this can keep it free for users, it can interrupt the gameplay. Often you will be able to get around this by making a small purchase to go ‘add-free’.

The so-called ‘freemium’ games like this also have extras that cost real money, and these can be things like extra lives, exclusive weapons, or boosters to help you get to the next level. The game developers want you to spend money on their products, but if you are not careful the costs can mount up – and you need to decide whether it is worth paying for the extras.

Choose the Right Game

The world is your oyster when it comes to mobile games, and no matter what your interests you will be able to find a game to while away some time in the app store on your smartphone. Different game genres will suit different people at different times.

Some of the games you might want to choose from include what is known as the ‘ultra-casual’ games like Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga, or the in-depth role-playing games like RAID: Shadow Legends. You’ll even find mobile versions of popular console titles like Fortnite, PUBG and Minecraft. There are even brain training and puzzle games, casino games where you can win real money, and just basic games like the eponymous Snake that is still available, even all these years later. 

Choosing the right game will help you to enjoy it so much more, and that will help you get better at it, too. 

Keep an Eye on Your Data

Most mobile games rely on an internet connection to work, and this is especially true in online multiplayer games like Fortnite

What this means for you is that if you are playing mobile games while you are out and about, you will need to keep an eye on your data spend –  you don’t want to run out when you reach a crucial part of the game! It can also add to the cost of your mobile bill too, so try and stick to wi-fi connections whenever you can.

Customize Your Controls

With the innovation developing in the touchscreen ability of a smartphone, controlling a game on a mobile tends to use on-screen buttons. 

However, in some of the more in-depth games, you can customise the way you control the game and this can make it more tailored to the way you prefer to play. 

For the ultimate in controllability, avid mobile gamers make use of gamepads and controllers as an accessory – some plug in their Xbox controllers, while others use their PlayStation ones. Adding an external controller gives you extra viewing space on the screen and allows more precision which is important in first person games and shooters.


One of the joys of playing any type of game is escapism. While most people might think that this is more related to playing in the comfort of your own home with a big PC set up or a console and high-definition screen, it is possible with mobile gaming too. 

Invest in a good set of earphones and you can take advantage of full immersion into the game, able to hear everything that is going on and shut out the rest of the world. Phone speakers are good (and getting better), but they just can’t compete with earphones. 

Upgrade Your Experience

Even the most basic of smartphones can play top level games these days, and you don’t even need to invest in anything new like you might do with a console or a gaming PC. While some games might have an initial download cost, mobile gaming is so much cheaper than other ways of playing – and that is probably why even now 57% of all gamers in the US play on smartphones. 

That statistic demonstrates that mobile gaming is dominating the market when it comes to the devices that are used – more people play mobile games than PC games or even the biggest consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.