Although most video games were not designed with education in mind, researchers state that they can facilitate learning amongst the students. Most of them were created for entertainment purposes, but nowadays, they are recommended by most education institutions.

That’s because the students in college develop the essential and intellectual skills that will propel them in their studies. As a result, many schools worldwide have incorporated game-based learning into their curricula. Here is the video game experience that would be helpful for college education.


The more experience college students have in solving problems, the more they are likely to be better in their studies. Most of the video games are designed with puzzle challenges and other creatively-made obstacles for the players to alter their approach when finding a suitable solution to the puzzles. When these skills are honed over time as college students play the game, they become instrumental in academic planning.

Many challenges or problems encountered while on campus need to be solved for the students to excel or improve their academic performance. When faced with these problems, the students use their acquired skills to implement long-lasting solutions to their issues. If faced with a shortage of time, the students can find alternative means to complete the assignment as fast as possible and maintain the quality. Over time, the experience and knowledge will enable the students to seek examples of personal experience essays on Samplius to improve their essay writing. In addition, researching for essays on experience for inspiration will help the students find solutions to their essays.

Paying attention

Playing video games often needs a lot of concentration as slight mistakes will lead to disqualification from the game. When repeated many times, the experience of the video games helps to build concentrations skills in students that will help them in various subjects.

Concentration is a critical factor in college education if the student is willing to succeed in their studies. In this case, the students have learned the importance of turning off their calls, texts, or any other social media notifications over time. Then, they are likely to repeat the same when it comes to their college education.

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Leadership experience

Most video games usually have scoreboards where the candidates’ results are recorded to look at their achievements. That’s mostly in multiplayer video games where the designated team leaders have to determine their strategies and approaches.

Leadership experience is essential in college education, especially during group discussions and research. It’s up to leaders to set time and communicate with the other team members when to start all the processes and make sure that the work is submitted on time. The leaders will then motivate the team members to ensure that the work is done on time.

Social skills

Social skills are essential in college education. They determine how well the students can interact with one another during group discussions or other activities related to learning.

Through social skills experience, the students understand each other well and build collaborative relationships. Multiplayer video games have a lot of social interactions between the players and the rest of the remote teamwork via either social media or webcam.

To participate effectively in the teams, all players need to have social skills like punctuality, civility, and healthy competition. That makes the interactions of video games fascinating.

Risk-taking experience

College life can sometimes be very stressful, especially when you are in a situation where decision-making may result in heavy punishment. That’s now when the experience you have in risk-taking comes in. Juggling with a college education and a business is never a lap of luxury. You have to decide often which option requires immediate attention and risk the other and vice versa.

Playing video games exposes college students to lots of risk-taking experiences. Although it may not be a real danger, it raises your stakes by putting your avatar and progress from different setbacks. That’s why you need to learn how to navigate unfamiliar territories while tackling the unknown efficiently. You will also learn how to fight back relentlessly in case of an attack. 


Nowadays, most learning institutions consider the valuable experience that the students can get from gaming and how they experience their college education. The students will learn how to adhere to highly desirable instructions by the school management. The points mentioned above summarize the best experiences from video games and how they are helpful in college education.