How to Upgrade Your Computer

It isn’t easy to imagine the life of a modern person without a computer. This versatile device helps to solve various tasks, edit videos, and play video games. But technical progress does not stand still, and computers of five years ago are already perceived as something archaic and outdated. So how to upgrade your computer? This is a very simple process. You only need to know a few important nuances.

Install More RAM

As a rule, the main problem of any old computer is the lack of RAM. If you bought your laptop or PC in 2013-2015, then it’s time for you to add another RAM module. It is worth noting that you need at least 8Gb to open 10-15 tabs in Google Chrome, a couple of Word documents, or other programs. It would be reasonable to install 16GB to not worry about the lack of memory for at least the next 3-4 years.

Lack of RAM is especially relevant for students with old laptops and PCs. Unfortunately, if you want to buy a new module, you need to visit the nearest store and spend at least half an hour comparing the parameters. By the way, you can delegate your paper to any essay writing company so that nothing distracts you from looking for new modules.

Add an Internal SSD

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It’s time for people to say goodbye to slow HDDs. Your computer can run many times faster if you buy an SSD like PATRIOT VIPER VPN100. But make sure your motherboard supports M.2 format. However, even classic SATA SSD drives can significantly speed up Windows startup and the overall performance of your device. The difference will be very noticeable even in games. Imagine that a new level will load 5-10 times faster! It’s like a custom writing service in the computer world that can handle any task faster than anyone else!

CPU Is Important Too

Your CPU is the heart of your computer that does all the basic operations. If you have a laptop, you have to come to terms with the fact that the processor is soldered to the motherboard. However, if you need to upgrade your computer, then this is not a problem. All you need is a more powerful processor. But don’t forget about your socket, you can’t buy any CPU. As a rule, six-core and eight-core processor models are now relevant. By the way, you can choose a CPU with overclocking capability to slightly increase performance when the nominal frequencies are not enough.

How About a New Motherboard?

If your computer is more than 5-7 years old, buying new components can only partially solve the lack of performance. How about a new motherboard? Then you can get the opportunity to install new generation processors, connect more drives or get new technologies for energy saving or digital data protection. 

Many new motherboards feature dual BIOS chips, so you can upgrade your firmware without worrying about technical glitches. Plus, what about a more advanced sound chip? Typically, most PC users use a standard sound chip soldered into the motherboard. Modern versions sometimes come with headphone preamps, so a new sound experience awaits you.

Slot in a New Graphics Card

However, if you initially bought a good processor, you should not worry about insufficient computer performance for 4-5 years. But what about the GPU? Modern games and specialized software require more power. For example, an average game consumes about 4-7 gigabytes of video memory at high and ultra-settings. If you are going to buy a GPU with the prospect of enjoying games for 3-4 years, then choose a video card with at least 6GB of video memory.

Then the frame rate will be as stable as the Midtermguru academic essay writing service, making the students happy. At least you can take a break and play new triple-A shooters or RPGs. Don’t forget that your CPU, GPU, and other components need a powerful cooling system. You can choose from massive tower radiators and coolers or fluid systems. This will improve overall performance.

Invest in a Bigger Monitor

When it comes to upgrading a PC, many people think only of components for some reason. But what about the most obvious aspect? How does a person perceive more than 90% of the surrounding information? Your monitor should also be replaced at least once every 5-7 years. Technology does not stand still. Today, there are many excellent IPS monitors with special technologies to protect your eyes from overstraining. Choose 23.8-Inch panels for comfortable working with text files and graphic content.

Upgrade Your Keyboard and Mouse

Here’s another non-obvious aspect that you should take into account. Buy a new mouse with a more advanced sensor. Then you do not have to spend a lot of energy and time to quickly control your computer, create files and change certain parameters. A good keyboard with comfortable keys and backlighting has also ceased to be something elitist and unnecessary. Imagine you are working in the dark. Are you ready for your eyes to tire quickly? Take a full-size keyboard with user-friendly indicators and hotkeys. Pay attention to the versions with batteries and wireless connection type.