Pacman, Tetris, Space Invaders – those fortunate enough to have a gaming console in the 80s can probably remember sitting cross-legged with our friends after school and spending many an hour on games like those above. Since these good old days, gaming has developed in leaps and bounds with the creation of revolutionary consoles such as the Xbox One and the PS5. 

Due to this, most of the twenty-four million gamers in South Africa have never had to experience the pain of blowing into an NES cartridge or the absolute fear of losing hours of progress because around-the-clock saves weren’t a thing. Nowadays, gamers take for granted the wide selection of games available instead of the limited collection of our childhood. 

Due to this, gamers often search for new games to satisfy their video game itch, with many turning to the online web to find a new distraction to invest their evenings into. Fortunately, if you know where to look, the internet is home to various paid and free online games for the old and young alike, ranging from online casino live to simulation games. Below we list some of the best: 

Online Casino Live

Long gone are the days when punters would sit around a table in a smoky saloon placing bets; nowadays, the gambling industry has undergone a revolutionary shift by enabling players to play from the comfort of their own couches. Better yet, casino fans can play a game of their favourite pastime from practically anywhere in the world, providing that they have an internet connection. 

From slots, blackjack, bingo, poker, and many other casino favourites, punters can find practically any game in a brick-and-mortar casino online using the sites of online casino providers like PlayLive. Whether you’re chasing the fast-paced thrill of online slots or hunger for the excitement of live dealer and tabletop games, you can find everything you yearn for and more on sites like the above. 

Whenever your gaming itch needs to be scratched, load up their site and begin playing, be it on your daily work commute or while you wait for a piece of equipment to become free at the gym. With the hundreds of games on their site, you’ll never have to experience the frustration of searching for another game again. Consider visiting their website or contacting them directly for specific inquiries, and start playing today. 


Another online game available to play on your PC, iPhone, Android, or gaming system is Fortnite. This battle royale survival game enables you to explore a vast open world while simultaneously trying to eliminate everyone in your path. 

Rising to fame in 2017, Fortnite quickly took the gaming community by storm for many reasons, some of the most popular being that it is free to download, available on many different platforms, and engaging theme. 

If you’re a fan of resource-collecting games like Minecraft and survival-based gameplay like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), you will love this fun, whimsical fusion of the two. Whether you want to spend time customising your character, play against your friends, or team up with your friends to battle it out against computer-controlled opponents – this light-hearted survival co-op game is perfect for gamers like yourself. 

Defence Of The Ancients 2

The anticipated sequel to the well-known DoTA mod for Warcraft 3, Defence of The Ancients 2, is one of the most played multiplayer online battle arena games on the market. Compared to other multiplayer online battle arena games, the goal of DoTA 2 is relatively simple, you play in squads of five against another team of five, with the primary objective of destroying the other groups, Ancient. 

However, although the gameplay might sound simple, part of the reason why DoTA 2 is so popular is its strategic gameplay and the strategies you must use to succeed in the end. Due to this, many fans of DoTA 2 don’t recommend the game to novices but don’t be deterred as the game offers many in-game tutorials and guides to help beginner players learn the ropes. Plus, it’s free to play! 

EVE Online

If you consider yourself a bit of a space nerd, then you’ll most likely find that EVE Online will take up most of your evenings from the point you download it. Although its original release was in 2003, don’t let the age of this game fool you, EVE Online is a massively multiplayer online game that allows players to take part in epic space battles, all for the cost of nothing! 

That said, you will reach a point in the gameplay where you will have to decide whether to invest in an optional subscription to unlock all the skills. But even if you choose against this, you can still access a lot of the gameplay for free, which will take up many of your evenings!