With a high-quality diffuser, up to sixteen million aRGB colours will blend effortlessly to provide a  vivid, colourful experience to your PC build. 

LONDON, ENGLAND, April 2021 – Akasa, a leading provider of computer accessories and lighting solutions, has released a new range of addressable RGB light strips under the  SOHO line of products. With bright and vivid colours, this light strip flaunts your PC and its components in style. The strips have a futuristic vibe, and an almost “cyberpunk” style neon effect, providing your computer with a flashy, premium light strip you never knew you needed! 

Our premium feel rubber diffuser allows the LED lighting to smoothly blend, leading to neat curves and a clean aesthetic. The white coloured strip will complement white builds, whilst also giving the ability to stand out in other builds. Bend SOHO MBA to your will with the flexible, durable strip, and daisy chain them to make your PC a striking statement piece on your desk. 

As with other products under the SOHO range, the SOHO MBA boasts over 16 million lighting combinations, which are compatible with most RGB software on the market such as  ASUS Aura, Gigabyte RGB Fusion and Razer Chroma RGB. Simply attach the light strips to the motherboard aRGB headers to have complete control over the illumination of your rig.



Installation Mounting slot and magnetic attachment 

Current Rating for LED 1.0 A 

Voltage Rating for LED 5V DC 

Dimensions 6mm (W) x 12mm (H) x 300mm (L)  

Number of LEDs 27 

Connector 3-pin addressable RGB connector 

Certification Gigabyte RGB Fusion, ASUS AURA, ASRock Polychrome, Razer Chroma  RGB 

Product Code AK-LD09-30RB 


 The SOHO MBA (AK-LD09-30RB) starts at £18.95 /€19.95 (prices may vary by reseller).   The SOHO MBA is available to order throughout Europe and the US. Contact