be quiet! is always a name we like to see here at Enos Tech. They have a good reputation and we have seen first hand that they offer quality products that can be trusted. They also offer products across multiple categories which include Cases, Coolers, Fans, and Power Supplies.

be quiet! has been a staple in the industry for many years now and as such, they even attend events like CES and Computex to show off their new and upcoming products. We have seen quite a bit from them recently and do hope they keep up the good work.

The Pure Power 11 FM is now end of life, but still a more than capable PSU should you come across one.

Pure Power 11 FM Specifications

For a full list of specs and details please visit – be quiet! Pure Power 11 FM Product Page.

pure power 11 data

Closer Look

Starting with the box and we can tell this is a be quiet! product from miles away. We have a nice image of the Pure Power 11 FM in the middle. We can also see the 80 PLUS Gold rating logo that this PSU carries and below the image, we can see that this is the 1000W variant of this power supply.

20220312 185550

On the back of the box and we have a bit more info about be quiet! as well as some of the power ratings.

20220312 185604

This is a fully modular power supply and all of the cables are flat except for the 24-pin power connector. It also comes with mounting screws and a couple of zip ties to help tidy up your cable management.

20220312 190209

The Pure Power 11 has more than enough cables for most builds. They are also long enough to fit in most cases that aren’t overly massive.


As always, we have one side of the PSU that has all the technical information on it. As it is an electrical item and there is a chance of being shocked, this is all necessary especially the do not open warning!

be quiet! Pure power 11 FM PSU side view

Moving our way around the Pure Power 11 and we have the power cable input which also has an on/off switch.

20220312 190612

The other side of the PSU has a nice be quiet! logo. The logo is the same color as the PSU and is just ever so slightly raised to make it more noticeable.

20220312 190626

All of the cable inputs are labeled nicely to give you the easiest chance possible of installing this PSU. Also, as you can see all of the connectors are different sized so will only fit where they are designed.

be quiet! Pure power 11 FM PSU input side

The Pure Power 11 features a silence optimized 120mm fan to make it as quiet as possible while still providing optimal airflow for cooling.

be quiet! Pure power 11 FM PSU fan


Final Words

While the Pure Power 11 may be at its end of life cycle, there is no denying that there will probably still be a good few out there in the wild. Should you come across one of these, don’t be afraid to pick it up.

Originally, it came with a 5-year warranty which says to me that be quiet! has faith in it. While this is not the longest warranty we have seen on a power supply, it is still more than adequate. Most people will likely change their PSU in this time frame so should be nothing to worry about.

As always, be quiet! has given us another great offering. The flat black modular cables are a nice touch and should blend in with most builds. It’s also nice to see that companies such as be quiet! are not including some zip ties as you can never have too many when it comes to trying to keep your cables as tidy as possible.

At the end of the day, if you do not need the latest and greatest and aren’t worried about ATX 3.0 capabilities, then this is a great power supply for your needs.