LONDON, ENGLAND, September 2020 – Akasa, global leaders in fanless technology, have combined their unwavering fanless cooling expertise with their classic designs to release the Maxwell Pro, a premium, passive case for the Mini-ITX. Made of pure aluminium and featuring 4 copper heatpipes, the Maxwell Pro is universally compatible with any Intel® or AMD board up to a TDP of 65W. This makes it Akasa’s most powerful fanless cooling solution to date, and when coupled with an SSD for storage, operates in complete silence.

Akasa have created a minimalist, contemporary design for the Maxwell Pro, which inherits from the high-end Hi-Fi amplifier design, following from the popularity of the Turing case design in audiophile systems. The case is made from black, anodised aluminium and features minimalist cooling fins, decorative vent holes and a diamond edge finished front panel which has the power button, two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, as well as power and HDD LEDs. Combined with a volume of only 6.4 litres, the Maxwell Pro will perfectly suit any environment, whether used for gaming, home theatre PCs or audiophile setups.


The Maxwell Pro does not hold back when it comes to cooling; the case works as a giant, powerful heatsink for effective heat transfer with no fans required. An internal, highly-efficient thermal module connected to four copper heatpipes allows for powerful heat transfer from the CPU to the pure aluminium case, where deep, extruding, bi-symmetrical fins on either side of the case maximise the chassis’ surface area for optimal heat transfer to the surroundings. Thermal compound for easy installation is included, and stay tuned for Akasa’s new TIM wipes, for easy thermal interface removal on your CPU, GPU or heatsink bases. Circular apertures on the top and bottom of the case create a natural convection airflow, allowing continuous removal of hot air to keep internal temperatures low. However you apply your Mini-ITX, the Maxwell Pro ensures you’ll be able to enjoy it in complete silence.

The chassis comes with universal socket fitting for any Intel® or AMD board, and both Intel and AMD backplates are included with the case. Two 2.5’’ SSDs or HDDs can be accommodated, as well as M.2s under your board, which can be cooled using Akasa’s optional thermal pads. Additional accessories supported by the Maxwell Pro which can be found on the Akasa website include Wi-Fi antenna and cables and 120 W power adapters. For Intel® Core️™ i7 & Ryzen 5 at 65W TDP, we recommend using a 150W compact DC-to-DC ATX adapter and external DC adapter (power brick) with 4-pin power DIN design, as they are moresuitable for high current output applications; these will soon be available from Akasa.

Specifications and Customisation Options
Colour Black
Material Aluminium body & thermal modules
Copper heatpipes
Body finish Brushed
Dimens ion 280 x 209 x 110 mm (W x L x H)
Net Weight (kg) 3.03
Motherboard & CPU support Mini-ITX motherboards
Intel® 1151/1200 with Graphics Technology
Maximum of 65W TDP
Internal drive bays Two for 2.5” SSD/ HDD
Cooling Copper heatpipes x 4
Aluminium thermal module x 5
Front I/O USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A x 2
USB 2.0 Type-A x 2
Power LED x 1
Power button x 1
Rear I/O Antenna fitting holes x 2
Kensington lock x 1
Serial ports x 2
Power connector x 1
Optional internal power 150W/12V, 4-pin DIN Jack Compact Power
(Not included) (150W DC to DC ATX power supply)
Product Code: AK-PE150-05*
Optional external power brick 150W/12V, 4-pin DIN Power Adapter
(Not included) Product Code: AK-PD150-02K*
Product code A-ITX48-M1B