Enermax NEOChanger
$109.99 for 200ml
$119.99 for 300ml
$129.99 for 400ml

Dimensions: 11.6 x 3.67 x 3.7
Capacity: 200ml
Pump Speed: 1,500 to 4,000rpm
Max Flow Rate: 900 liters per hour
Thread: G1/4
Power Connector: SATA

For style, the remote allows you to change color, with flashing effects, a fixed color that fades in and out and a mode that cycles through the rainbow. The power of the LEDs can be controlled through the remote as well. An RGB LED ring on the base of the reservoir lights up itself and the coolant and the reservoir’s circular housing. Enermax allows you to adjust LED brightness, in addition to the other settings, so you can match the NEOChanger with other system illumination.

The remote control lets you adjust flow rate on-the-go, with buttons for the entire range of pump rpms—1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, and 4000. Enermax rates the NEOChanger to deliver up to 900 liters per hour, which is a bit faster than many of the reservoir/pump combos in the same price range. You can tune the pump speed at 150rpm increments, as well for more gradual control of pump speed. The front of the pump sports a LED display that shows the pump’s current rpm.

The vertical mounting bracket has been preinstalled by Enermax onto the NEOChanger base, which is a smart move since a vertical layout will most likely be the best option for most chassis. Same as many other reservoir/pump combos, the top of the reservoir features both an inlet and fill port, and the inlet port features an internal tube to prevent splashing and foaming. The outlet port is on the side of the pump. There are no fittings built-in, but Enermax uses the standard G1/4 screw threads, so you can add fittings that will suit your loop best.

Equipped with a high-performance pump and a 3 in 1 remote control for RGB color and pump speed, the NEOChanger is a well-designed reservoir and pump combo. Modder’s should also like the ability to synchronize LED lighting on compatible motherboards. Best of all, at $109.99, the 200ml NEOChanger is at a good price point compared to other combo units with a strong pump.

The NEOChanger comes in three capacities:
200ml (7.7 inches tall)
300ml (9.66 inches tall)
400ml (11.6 inches tall)
There is no difference between the three models besides model height and liquid capacity. And by offering three capacities, it should be easy to find an option that will fit into your case and loop. Enermax fills out the kit with mounting brackets both vertical and horizontal, a retention clip, and a 24-pin power adapter and several Velcro and 3M Rubber pads to let you modify the reservoir/pump combo to your installation.