The English word “Gelid” comes from the Latin word “gelid us” (very cold, icy). As the name indicates, the GELID Solutions are primarily focused on thermal solutions as they design and manufacture CPU and VGA coolers, chassis fans, thermal compounds, accessories, and other equipment for computers and electronic devices. The company also supplies a range of products for international OEM and ODM clients. They are based in Hong Kong and have multiple manufacturing facilities in Mainland China and Taiwan. The company believes in Quality, Reliability, and Efficiency as the main driving force behind the product ideas and execution.

GELID Solutions has sent us their NOVA XL RGB Gaming Mouse Pad for review. The NOVA is available in three sizes namely S, XL, and XXL. The NOVA S has 350x250mm in size. The NOVA XL has 800x300mm size and XXL has 900x400mm size. The NOVA XL RGB Gaming Mouse Pad features a soft microfiber surface for smooth tracking accuracy and supports all types of sensors. The backside of the pad has an anti-slip rubber base which would be helpful in waving off the radical hand movements during gaming. The NOVA features RGB lighting using 14 presets which can be controlled via a button on the controller. The connectivity is made using a micro-USB cable.

Product:               NOVA XL RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

Manufacturer:      GELID Solutions

Price:                   $25 [MSRP]


Specs 5

Packing and Unboxing

The fans are shipped inside a paperboard packing box.

20210203 055212 Copy

Our version is NOVA XL RGB Gaming Mouse Pad.

20210203 055228 Copy

There is a picture of the mouse pad giving a hint on how it would look like.

20210203 055310 Copy

The specifications and features are printed here.

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Salient features are highlighted in pictures.


Following are provided in the box:

  • 1x RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
  • 1x User Guide
  • 1x USB Cable

Closer Look

Let’s take a closer look at GELID NOVA XL RGB Gaming Mouse Pad. Here is what GELID is saying about their product, “NOVA is a soft microfiber Mouse Pad designed for professional gamers. The consistent textured surface and anti-slip rubber base offer you pinpoint accuracy with minimal resistance. The splash-proof polypropylene surface repels any spills and can be cleaned easily. This Gaming Mouse Pad features total of 14 different modes of lighting patterns, which could be switched by just one-click at the button.”

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The dimension of the mouse pad is 800x300x4mm (LxWxD). We have a large surface area on the lift here. If you need more surface area then aim at NOVA XXL as it has a 900x400mm dimension. Make sure you have enough space on the table for it. The mouse pad came rolled onto a cardboard roller. So, make sure to even out the pad on the surface before using otherwise you may not get the smooth tracking with the mouse early on. We have an evenly woven and smooth surface for convenient longer hours of gaming sessions. The soft surface provides for a comfortable resting platform for your wrists and arms.

20210203 055407 Copy

The top layer on the NOVA XL Gaming Mouse Pad is made of Polypropylene fabric which gives this gaming mouse pad splash proofing and scratch resistance. This would add to the durability of the gaming mouse pad. I recently have reviewed the XPG Battleground XL Prime on another media site. That mouse pad is using CORDURA brand fabric with its basic ingredient of Nylon blended with the Cotton or other fabric of the choice. We have a roughly 4mm thick pad sandwiched between the Polypropylene fabric and the anti-slip base. I am not sure about the knots of the fabric used in the NOVA XL.

20210220 094032 Copy

There is a GELID logo on the bottom right section of the mouse pad in white and green colors. There is a black color housing on the left top area of the mouse pad. It has a single button on it. Pressing the button will change the RGB lighting mode with every press. There is a USB Micro-B interface on the housing.

20210203 055507 Copy

The detachable cable has a length of 1.8m and is in black color. The ends have gold connectors.

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The power rating of the RGB gaming mouse pad is 5V. The product is made in China.

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The backside of the mouse pad has anti-slip rubber to keep the entire mouse pad firmly in place and prevents it from bunching up to ensure smooth movements every time. The backside has a gray shade texture.

20210220 094413 Copy

The RGB strips run on the entire length or border of the gaming mouse pad. Gelid has done a good job sewing the strip on the border of the pad.

Setup Guide

Follow the below steps:

  • Place the gaming mouse pad on the surface and evens it out. It will take some time to even out.
  • Connect the Micro-B connector to the controller.
  • Connect the USB connector to the PC port.
  • If lighting does not come on, press the button on the controller once.
  • Pressing the controller button for 3 seconds will power off the lights.
  • Double click the button to change the brightness. There are two levels of brightness. The NOVA will remember the brightness level and last RGB mode suggesting there is an on-board memory chip for that.

Here is the list of colors and modes:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Cyan
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Alternating Wave
  • Synchronizing Wave
  • Alternating Flash
  • Alternating Red Changing
  • Lights Off
  • Synchronize Breathing
  • Alternate Breathing

The RGB lighting is on the money and definitely adds to the overall looks of the setup. Here are some pictures:


GELID Solutions has released new series of gaming mouse pads named NOVA. They are available in three sizes S (350x250mm), XL (800x300mm), and XXL (900x400mm). The thickness of each type is 4mm. We have tested the NOVA XL. The NOVA is using Polypropylene fabric with rubber. We have a splash-proof surface that is able to repel against the spill-over and is relatively easier to clean and wipe.

The mouse pad comes with a 1.8m detachable USB cable with a Micro-B interface for connecting to the controller on the mouse pad. The knitting job is perfect and we have an RGB strip running on the entire border of the mouse pad. There is a button on the controller and we can control the lighting effect using it. GELID has programmed 14 presets including dynamic and static modes. There are two brightness levels as well. The NOVA remembers the last mode and brightness settings indicating that there is an on-board memory chip. I gave some time to the mouse pad to even it out on the surface and since then, I am enjoying my gaming and typing experience. One thing to my liking was its quick even out when I placed it on the table.

The RGB lighting adds a subtle touch to the pad and definitely complements the overall setup. The base of the mouse pad has anti-slip rubber which would be helpful when making sudden moves with the mouse for near tracking accuracy and convenience.

I have good experience with the GELID NOVA XL RGB Gaming Mouse Pad. This mouse pad is listed as $25 at the time of the review. The S version has a price tag of $20 and the XXL has a price tag of $29. GELID is offering 2 years warranty on these gaming mouse pads. This is easily a contender for one’s money should they be looking for a simple yet stylish large-size gaming mouse pad with a smooth surface for good tracking accuracy and has RGB goodness as well.

We are thankful to GELID for providing NOVA XL RGB Gaming Mouse Pad for the review.

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