Genesis Krypton 550 Gaming Mouse

While some are only now just hearing of Genesis, they were actually established 10 years ago back in 2011. Offering a wide range of products focused on gamer’s, Genesis has a little something for everyone. We have actually previously reviewed a few of their peripherals, if you want to check out that review CLICK HERE. One of the things I like is that you can dive into the Genesis ecosystem as they manufacturer a wide range of products from mice, keyboards, headset, microphones, cases, chairs, desks and more! Those looking to go all out Team Genesis will be happy to see they even sell shirts, masks and lanyards offering the complete Genesis swag setup!

The Krypton 550 is an Ultralight Gaming Mouse following one of the current trends we are seeing in PC Gaming. The honeycomb look for mice is growing ever so popular and a lot of manufacturers are making similar mice. The Krypton 550 also features RGB lighting, switches rated for 20million clicks and a PMW3325 Optical Sensor. All in all, it looks good on paper but how well it holds up during those long gaming sessions is another question so let’s find out!

Genesis Krypton 550 Ultralight Gaming Mouse

AS you can see on the back of the box, the Krypton 550 has plenty of features to offer. It has everything from an on the fly DPI switch, built-in memory, RGB lighting and more! The best part is that while it does come with software, most of the basic controls can be set from the mouse itself with no need to even download the software. Obviously, if you want to change things like button binds you will need the software.

Genesis Krypton 550 Ultralight Gaming Mouse box back

Krypton 550 Specifications

Genesis Krypton 550 spec sheet

Closer Look

The honeycomb design does look rather nice and it also allows manufacturers like Genesis to make the mice so much lighter as there is just less material needed to make it. The main part of the mouse has a matte black look to it and plenty of curves to help contour your hand easier.

Genesis Krypton 550 Ultralight Gaming Mouse back 2

The DPI button has four different profiles set to it. If you decide to download the software, you can actually change these profiles to fit your own needs and whatever DPI’s you need. Once selected the mouse wheel illumination will indicate what profile you have selected so there is no need to guess.

Genesis Krypton 550 Ultralight Gaming Mouse dpi

Instead of the normal Omron switches we see on a lot of gaming mice, Genesis has gone with HUANO switches with a life expectancy of up to 20million clicks. I’ve been using this mouse for a few days now and haven’t had any issues but only time will tell if the HUANO switches will match up to the gamer’s needs.

Genesis Krypton 550 Ultralight Gaming Mouse front

The side both have a bit of a curve to them to allow you to better grip the mouse. It should also aid in it not slipping as much when you sweat, hopefully.

Genesis Krypton 550 Ultralight Gaming Mouse side 2

The PMW3325 Optical Sensor features a DPI of up to 8,000 which is more than enough, especially for gamers. Most gamers try to use a lower DPI when gaming as it allows for better control and more precise aim. As we can also see in the image below, the honeycomb effect has found its way to the bottom of the mouse as well.

Genesis Krypton 550 Ultralight Gaming Mouse bottom

The Krypton comes with a braided cable which is pretty much a must at this point if you want to make products for gamers and be taken seriously.

Genesis Krypton 550 Ultralight Gaming Mouse cable

RGB Lighting

The lighting can be controlled from the software but for users who just want to plug and play, worry not as it also works without the software, just means you will be unable to control it. I like the addition of the logo underneath the honeycomb effect, just adds a little something to the overall appeal of the Krypton 550.

Genesis Krypton 550 Ultralight Gaming Mouse rear led


Genesis Krypton 550 Ultralight Gaming Mouse top down

Genesis Krypton 550 Ultralight Gaming Mouse

Final Thoughts

While this mouse can currently be hard to find in the UK/US, in the EU it goes for €35 which is an amazing price point for such a mouse. The Krypton 550 is only 70grams in weight, features stylish RGB LED lighting and comes back with a PMW3325 sensor. For this price, you are getting a lot of mouse! The honeycomb effect and matte black design when combined with those RGB LEDs offer a very aesthetically appealing design. The only downside to this mouse is the fact that it is not readily available in all territories but hopefully, this is something that will change and Genesis gets bigger. If you can get your hands on this mouse for the €35 snap it up. The PMW3325 sensor is found in a lot of budget mice from some of the top manufacturers out there!

When all is said and done, Genesis has a great mouse with the Krypton 550. It offers a smooth gaming experience in a lightweight package and is comprised of quality components. 

Genesis Krypton 550 Gaming Mouse

Many thanks to Genesis for sending in a sample of their Krypton 550 Gaming Mouse.