The Genesis Krypton 290 is the model from the 200 series. In its ergonomic case you will find a 6400 DPI sensor, in-built memory for storing settings, as well as switches which provide effortless work for a long time. The set is complete with LED illumination with the signature PRISMO effect.

The Genesis Krypton 290 gaming mouse is a light (99 g) design with a symmetrical shape. The model is equipped with seven programmable buttons which can be configured with the use of the manufacturer’s software. It also allows for recording of macros as well as changing the illumination settings and saving those options in the in-built memory. There are
16 million colors to choose from. The roller, logo on the top, as well as a LEDs running along the base are illuminated.

Switches with 10 million click durability, on the other hand, provide users with effortless functioning. When it comes to precision, so important during gameplay, this is handled by a 6400 DPI optical sensor. It has six leves of sensitivity, with a minimum setting of 200 points per inch. The currently selected level is shown by the DPI indicator. According to the manufacturer, the sensor can track movement with a 66 inch per second speed and handles acceleration up to 22 G.

Genesis Kryption 290 connects to the computer with a 1.8 m braided cable. The mouse has metal finishings, and will be available in black and white versions. Its market price is set at 19,99€ / 23,99$.

Technical specification:

  • Mouse model: cable
  • size: 125 x 64 x 41 mm
  • weight: 99 g
  • sensitivity: 200 – 6400 DPI
  • max. tracking speed: up to 66 inches per second
  • acceleration: up to 22 G
  • in-built memory: yes
  • number of buttons: 7
  • software: yes, with the option to save macros
  • illumination: yes, RGB LED with PRISMO effect
  • cord: 1.8 m USB
  • compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Linux, Android
  • Genesis Krypton 290 gaming mouse Krypton 290 white v3 Genesis Krypton 290 gaming mouse rear Krypton 290 white v6 Krypton 290 white v8 Genesis Krypton 290 gaming mouse side buttons Genesis Krypton 290 gaming mouse underside