The Grip Pro 2 car mount does what it says. It gives you a great solution for an in-car mount to hold your phone for various reasons. My reason for using one is GPS, I go to a lot of places I am unfamiliar with and use my phone for GPS.

Using the Grip Pro 2 is as easy as you could imagine. It comes in two parts, one if the base or part that will mount to your windshield or dash. The other is the part that will actually hold your phone and when connected together you have the full mount. Putting them together is as easy as connected the base to the backside of the part that holds the phone, there is a little clip you slide it into, and all done!

To install the Grip Pro 2, you simply hit the big button on the base which will release the suction cup into the normal position, remove the plastic from the suction cup and then place it on your windshield or designated area and finally pull the little arm done which activates the suction. I personally recommend having both pieces put together before doing this as it does take a bit of force to attach them and you wouldn’t want to ruin the suction. Once installed, the base has a few knobs you can turn on it to move different arms you can get it facing just how you want. There is always a swiveling arm connected to the part that holds your phone so you can rotate it to face you if need be.

The part that holds your phone is sturdy and has padding to not only ensure your phone doesn’t get damaged, but it also helps to keep it in place so it doesn;t fall out of the holder. On the bottom side there is a single button that will actually release the arms so you can fit your phone into the holder, you then manually close the arms around your phone until they are secure. If you want to stand your phone up the long way, there are a pair of feet that you can fold out on one side of the holder to help make sure your phone won’t drop out of the bottom of it.

Overall, the Grip Pro 2 is very easy to use and most people will be able to get their heads around it with very little need of instruction. I used it for over a week and left it attached to my windshield and there it stayed, no signs of movement or falling off anytime soon. I have to say I am quite pleased with the angles available as it allows me to turn my phone towards me and it is also easy enough for my wife to change to her desired needs within a few seconds when she needs to.

The Grip Pro 2 does what it sets out to and it does it well!

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