There are few products in gaming as Iconic as Mad Catz’ R.A.T. series. Since the Original R.A.T.7 was launched 5 years ago to critical acclaim, we’ve unleashed multiple design variants onto the market, each designed with the ‘core’ gamer in mind.

With the RAT PRO Series, we’ve raised this bar much, much higher – unleashing Mad Catz next generation of gaming mice. Lead by the R.A.T. PRO X – the most advanced gaming mouse in the world, and the R.A.T. PRO S – a tournament grade gaming mouse designed for competitive gamers. But for some, the RAT PRO Series maybe too ‘serious’ a gaming mouse to be used every day, or may be outside of their budget.

With that in mind, we proudly introduce the R.A.T.1 – a high-performance gaming mouse made for everyday that features a gaming-grade 3500dpi Pixart PMW 3320 optical sensor and an undeniable style that is uniquely Mad Catz. A groundbreaking new concept in what a PC Gaming Mouse could be – the R.A.T.1 features an innovative modular design, 3D printing and personalization options that you can truly make it your own.

We haven’t compromised our ideals in any way. The R.A.T.1 skeletal Tripod Chassis is detachable, so it’s possible to remove the ‘brain’ Sensor Module, making it perfect as a reduced size travel mouse.

There’s more though – you can change your Palm Rest – not with one we are selling, but with your own design. Download the 3D CAD Modelling Data for our palm rest socket so you can design and produce your very own with a 3D printer – easily accessible at your local design store. How cool is that. And we’ve future-proofed it – with plans to bring out new chassis color options, new Sensor Modules and new 3D Printable files.

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