Taking inspiration from one of man’s fastest machines, Vertagear’s latest line-up of gaming chairs take inspiration from the stylish traits of an F1 race car – combined with a focus on personal preference and simplistic ergonomics, in order to deliver the most comfortable, functional and user-definable gaming chairs ever created. Launching with the TRIIGGER 275, the TRIIGGER 350 and the TRIIGGER 350 Special Edition, all three models feature steel alloy dual spring hubs for reclined balance, soft padded armrests for enhanced comfort, and holtron hubless casters for movement and durability.

While each and every material has been constructed and utilised as to provide maximum comfort and on-the-fly switching of seated-preference, style is never compromised as a result – utilising calfskin leather and flexible cushioning as a means of accomplishment. Vertagear’s emphasis on ergonomics and personal preference lead to a visual aesthetic that’s as simplistic in tone as it aggressive in design. With both models featuring paddle shifting ‘triggers’ for adjustable lumbar support and height adjustments, class 12.9 screws for maximum longevity, and all metal ball bearing fittings for superior manoeuvrability and long lasting usage – the Vertagear TRIIGGER allows for a maximum of 22 different seated positions ensured by a safety locking mechanism.

Where the TRIIGGER 350 differs from the TRIIGGER 275 resides in the additional features available to tweak. Seat-depth adjustments, 2 directional armrest positioning through the means of steel cable fitting, with automotive grade paint and enhanced casters on the 350 Special Edition – aesthetic differences largely reside within the frame of the chair.

Available in Blue, Red, Black, White on the model 275, with Black and Special Edition Red pertaining to the model 350, all three models will be available November 22nd 2016 – retailing at £529.99 and £629.99 with the 350 Special Edition at £789.95 respectively.

275-blue_backright 275-blue_main2 275-red_left 275-red_main 275-white_main2 275-white_right 350-black_main 350-black_right 350se_front 350se_left 350se_main