• Manufacturer: noblechairs
  • Product: EPIC
  • Purchase: £299.99 At the time of the review

noblechairs is regarded as one of the best gaming chairs manufacturers and it’s easy to see why. The quality of their chairs is amazing and the attention to detail they pay to every aspect of their chairs shows. Following on from our last review in the ICON, today, we will be taking a look at their EPIC series. While there is still much debate on if gaming chairs are a worthy purchase or not for those who sit down for longer periods of time, noblechairs is doing their best to make sure their chairs are at the front of the debate. The EPIC series we are looking at today comes in a few different colour schemes and is also has a couple of special edition models available. The EPIC series also comes in Faux, Real and even Nappa Leather giving users more options to get the chair of their dreams.

Closer Look

As you will see in most of the images in this review, the noblechairs EPIC is a black chair with hints of blue added to it in places such as the stitching and logos. If blue isn’t your colour, don’t worry as it does also come in a few others. The reason I mention this now is the fact that while noblechairs have added colours to their chairs, it is in a more subtle way than most companies which help the chairs to keep their elegant and classy look. While designed with gamer’s in mind, noblechairs also want professionals to be able to use their chairs in office environments should they choose to.

Following on from the ICON we previously reviewed, the EPIC series definitely looks a lot more like it came out of a race. All noblechairs are designed to provide good ergonomic support and the EPIC is no exception. The back of the chair is designed to help give users better posture and the included pillows can be used for extra support if needed to help and keep you more comfortable through those long gaming sessions or days at the office. Using the easily accessible levers, most aspects of this chair as customizable in the fact that you can adjust the height of the chair, the tilt of the back and even change the positions of the armrests to help and find your desired comfort zone.

noblechairs epic

The backrest on the noblechairs EPIC can recline from 90 to 135 degrees. While it doesn’t go as far back as some chairs, this should be more than far enough for most. Being able to recline the chair back will allow users to get a bit of rest or even just lean back to get their eyes off the PC screen for a few moments.

noblechairs epic 1

The 2 included pillows can easily be moved into the position of your liking or they can be completely taken off, the choice is yours. They are also made from a very soft material so are extremely comfortable.

noblechairs epic 4

Taking a quick look at the back of the chair and there isn’t much going on. We can now see how easily the pillows can be removed and aside from that, the back is a nice plain black.

noblechairs epic 15

noblechairs have done a great job with the branding on this chair. While it definitely sticks out and is noticeable, it isn’t overdone and looks great. From the badge on the backrest to the text on the pillows and the logo by your right leg, someone definitely put in some thought about the placement of all these and has done a great job.

noblechairs epic 2

noblechairs epic 5

noblechairs epic 6

You know that lovely soft material we mentioned the pillows were made from? Well, noblechairs has gone and added a nice strip of it down the dies of the chairs. Not only does this look quite nice, it will also help to keep your arms from sticking to the sides of the chair when using it.

noblechairs epic 8

No detail is too small! From the high-quality stitching to the breathable air holes for the leather, noblechairs has paid great attention to detail on their EPIC series of chairs.

noblechairs epic 9

Even the armrests are chalk full of functionality. Using the three easily reachable buttons, you can raise/lower, move it frontwards/backward and even turn it a bit. While this all may sound like a bit much to some, these are some very worthy features.

noblechairs epic 10

noblechairs epic 11

The lever to recline the backrest is located just on the right side of the chair. Simply pull this up and it will allow you to move the backrest forwards or backward depending on the position it was originally in.

noblechairs epic 12

The 5-star base is in a nice smooth black and is quite sturdy. The noblechairs EPIC is rated for weights up to 120KG and the 5-star base will cope with this without any issues.

noblechairs epic 13

Here we can see the handles that allow you to either be able to tilt the chair or lock it so it doesn’t tilt at all. We can also see the tension knob that allows you to adjust the tension of how easy or hard it is to tilt in the chair.

noblechairs epic 14

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Final Thoughts

Performance and Design

What can we say, this chair has everything to offer in a gaming chair that we could want. It’s sturdily built, is very comfortable even for longer periods of time and most things can be adjusted to the individual user’s needs. When seeing the chair in person, it’s easy to tell that noblechairs thoroughly thought out the design of their EPIC series of chairs. From subtle hints of colouring down to the stitching, there is no feature to small for noblechairs to make important. I used this chair daily for well over a month and am very happy with it. In my time using it, I didn’t run into any issues with leg or back pain or strain of any kind.

For those looking for a little something more, the chair not only comes in a few various colours but it also comes in a few special editions. You can also get the noblechairs EPIC range in PU, Real or Nappa leather and while the price tags may put some off, you get what you pay for. This just goes to show the effort that noblechairs are putting in as this is the first I’ve heard of a company giving you different leather options to chose from in a gaming chair.


Currently coming in at around £300 here in the UK, the EPIC series price isn’t that far offer of other similar chairs and in fact, may be lower than a few! While I know £300 seems like a lot to spend on a chair, you have to look at it as an investment. Yes, you can spend £50 on a cheap chair that needs to be replaced every couple of years and doesn’t offer great support. However, wouldn’t you rather just spend a little bit of extra money in the beginning and get something that not only looks amazing but is ergonomic and can offer hours of comfort. Furthermore, this chair won’t break within a year or two and should last you quite some time. For the money, you are getting a well-worthy chair that will provide hours of comfort and support and can likely even help with your posture.

When all is said and done, the EPIC series from noblechairs ticked all the boxes for me and if you are in the market for a new chair, this should definitely be on your short list!

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