Wednesday 17th August 2016 

Gaming chairs are extremely popular this year with a huge range available from the premium tier brands like noblechairs, to Vertagear and to more affordable brands like Nitro Concepts.

Buying a comfortable chair has become more important to many this year, due to long hours spent sitting down in front of a PC or TV. Users are moving away from the standard dull black office chair, and want something that not only looks great, but also compliments their current setup. The love for these chairs has grown exponentially with gamers, as they’re wanting to match their seating to their peripherals or even their PC system.

Overclockers UK are proud to present the new Nitro Concepts E200 and E220, both models are designed to be extremely affordable, staying under the £200 price point. Offering an elegant, futuristic, and a stylish racing design.

There are 7 colour options available immediately at Overclockers UK, all with a comfortable foam padding, breathable PU synthetic leather, 360 degree rotation, height adjustability, a practical rocking function, with a tilt mechanism to make sure the user is always comfortable.

The Nitro Concepts E200 and E220 Series are designed in Germany, using sturdy parts, from a steel frame supporting a maximum load of 120kg, seated on a safety class 4 gas lift, with high quality artificial leather covering.

The high comfort of Nitro Concepts chairs is due to the deformation­resistant padding achieved from the cold foam upholstery, which ensures an ergonomically correct and upright seating position.

­    100% vegan PU artificial leather cover

­    Breathable fabric cover at the contact area

­     Comfortable cold foam upholstery

­     Distinctive design armrests in black

­     Safety class 4 gas lift

­     Top­notch tilt mechanism up to 15°

­     50 mm casters in black

Link:­chairs?ckSuppliers=700&ckMin=16700&ckMa x=17500&ckTab=0&sSort=2

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