Following my review and giveaway on the REEVEN FOUR EYES TOUCH (click here to go to the giveaway page), today I am bringing you its bigger brother, the SIX EYES II. While it may not have the same touch interface, it does allow for you to control and monitor up to six fans which can definitely come in handy. As more people are starting to build their own PC’s, especially gaming based PC’s, cooling is becoming more and more important. There are so many options to help users out there, but figuring out what is right for you can be a notably hard task if you’re not up on all the current technology at hand. REEVEN-logo-may2012png For those who may not have heard of them, REEVEN is a manufacturer of PC cooling products such as CPU heatsinks, fans and, of course, fan controllers. Most recently they have also launched a line of cases which look rather nice. Make sure to check out their website to see all they have to offer at One of my favourite things about REEVEN is their heatsinks and, more importantly, the colour choice they have used with their fans. The Yellow and black fans really do look amazing to me and they also perform very well.

Today, as mentioned, I will be taking a looking at the SIX EYES II Fan controller which carries a price tag of €40. The SIX EYES II features six retractable knobs, each with their own display to help your monitor and control up to six fans. The controller also features a multi-colour LCD screen that allows the users to choose from one of seven colours base on their desired preference.

REEVEN SIX EYES II product page.


Model Number RFC-02
Dimensions (W)148 x (H)42 x (D)100mm
DC Input DC5V & DC12V
DC Output 3.7V ~ 12V(±10%)
Output Ampere 2.5A per Channel
Temperature Range 0~99oC
Fan Speed Range 0~9990rpm
Weight 240g


Closer Look

Video Overview


The SIX EYES II comes nicely packaged and is protected by a bit of extra foam inside the box. Speaking of inside the box, you will find some mounting screws, a Molex to 4-pin power cable and six of each, fan and thermocouple cables, alongside the fan controller itself.

REEVEN SIX EYES TWO Fan Controller Review REEVEN SIX EYES TWO Fan Controller Review_1 REEVEN SIX EYES TWO Fan Controller Review_2

The REEVEN SIX EYES II has six individual knobs and output areas to help you monitor and control up to six fans. The knobs, three on either side, are easily pushed in and stored when not needed. When wanting to control a fan, you simply push the knob in to make it pop out, then you can turn it up or down to control said fan.

The output areas are marked I-VI (1-6) so you know which fan you are in control of at all times. You will also notice the fan speeds in RPM and the temperature in °C. One of the great features on the SIX EYES II is the fact you can change the colour of the output display to one of seven colours (four shown below) which will truly help users make the most of the SIX EYES II as they can colour match it with the rest of their build.

REEVEN SIX EYES TWO Fan Controller Review_5 REEVEN SIX EYES TWO Fan Controller Review_6 REEVEN SIX EYES TWO Fan Controller Review_7 REEVEN SIX EYES TWO Fan Controller Review_9

Taking a look at the SIX EYES II from the back and this is where users will plug in their fans, thermocouples (included) and set the LCD colour the display screen. It is also worth noting that you will need to use the included fans cables to power your fans. If you try to plug them straight into the controller they most likely will not work. Aside from that, usage is easy as can one would hope for. Everything is straight forward and labelled for convenience. Another great thing worth mentioning is, if you don’t want to use six fans, you don’t have to have the extra wires plugged in, you can simply just pick and choose the amount of fans and areas you want to measure the temperatures in, plug those cables in and leave the rest in the box.

You will also notice on both sides of the red boxes that control the LCD colour and alarm, there are two jumpers. The jumper on the left allows you to switch between °C and °F for the temperature display, while the jumper on the right allows you to completely silence the buzzer which is sure to come in handy.

REEVEN SIX EYES TWO Fan Controller Review_18REEVEN SIX EYES TWO Fan Controller Review_14 REEVEN SIX EYES TWO Fan Controller Review_15

Performance and Usage

Performance wise, the SIX EYES II does what it sets out to do. It allows you to control your fans with ease and has some nice options and features to help users customize it a bit to give it a more personal feel. One thing worth noting is that when turning a knob to control a fan, it takes a couple of seconds for it all to register. While this is far from a deal breaker, at least for me, it can be a bit annoying if you are trying to set a fan to a specific RPM as you will need to turn the knob, wait a second, see the output and you may have to do this a couple of times to get it set just right.

Using the SIX EYES II is as easy as plugging in the desired amount of fans you wish to use, along with a thermocouple if you want to measure the temperatures and turning a knob. I mean, it really doesn’t get much easier than that.

REEVEN SIX EYES TWO Fan Controller Review_4

On the backside, everything is labelled to make life as easy as possible so you always know what you’re doing. Changing the LCD output colour can be a bit of a pain, but once you get it set, that’s it. As mentioned, there are also a couple of jumpers to allow you to switch the temperature setting and turn the buzzer off, just simply switch the jumper to your desired setting.

REEVEN SIX EYES TWO Fan Controller Review_13


Final Thoughts

Jumping right into it, the performance on offer with the SIX EYES II is fairly good. My only real gripe is the delay between turning a knob to control a fan and then the fan responding. While it may only be a second or two delayed, on initial setup if you are doing six fans, it could get annoying very quick. For normal use, it shouldn’t be too big of an issue. Aside from that, the SIX EYES II does what it says and performs well with the added benefit of a couple of great features. Being able to switch the output LCD colour is awesome, as well as being able to turn the buzzer off and switching between °C and °F.

As far as the design goes, the SIX EYES II is rather simplistic but functions well. On the front are six knobs and six individual output areas to monitor your fans and temperatures inside the case. Over on the back, everything is labelled properly so setting it up and changing things is easy as can be. As far as aesthetics is concerned, it’s all black and features and LCD screen with seven different colours to choose from, so it’s very hard to fault it there.

REEVEN SIX EYES TWO Fan Controller Review_12

The price of the SIX EYES II comes in at €40 at the time of review. This is on average with most fans controllers on the market of this calibre so while it would be nice to see it a bit lower, there is really no complaints here. For your money, you are getting a controller that can accommodate up to 6 fans, has an easily changeable LCD colour display and is all around easy to use. When all is said and done, the REEVEN SIX EYES II is a decent bit of kit that will go well with most PC builds.

I would like to thank REEVEN for sending this sample in for review. 

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