RIOTORO is a fairly new company that seems to be hitting the ground running. They are offering a good selection of products from peripherals to PC cases, power supplies and more. While this is our first official RIOTORO review, we have seen a few of their products in person previously and they do look quite nice. Today, we will be taking a look at one of their power supplies. Power supplies are one of those components a lot of people get weary of when buying if they’ve never heard of the brand. While most may not have heard of RIOTORO before, they can take some peace in the fact that this power supply comes with an 80PLUS Gold efficiency rating. The Enigma 750W G2 is also a fully modular power supply which means users can leave any unwanted cables in the box and not in the bottom of their case. Another big selling point of the Enigma G2 PSU is the fact it comes back with a 10-year warranty! This means RIOTORO fully stands behind the integrity of the PSU and should the odd issue occur, they are more than willing to get it corrected.

Closer Look

As this is the first product from RIOTORO we are featuring on Enos Tech, let’s take a quick look at the packaging. Looking around the front of the box and we can see this is a fully-modular ATX power supply that is 80PLUS rated and comes with a 10-year warranty. There is an image of the fan on the power supply so we can get a little look at what we’re in store for.

riotoro enigma 750w g2

On to the back of the box and there is a bit more detail about the power supply itself. Alongside this, we also have a small about us section giving us a bit more insight into RIOTORO.

riotoro enigma 750w g2 1

On one of the sides of the box we have what cables are included, how many and their connectors. Alongside the ATX 24-pin cable and EPS 8-pin cables, we have 4x PCI-E, 8x SATA, 3x Molex and 1 good ‘ol floppy drive connector. This should be more than enough to power most systems that would need around 750w or power. The only issue you may run into is if you have a load of components that use molex connectors as there are only 3x on the Enigma 750w G2.

riotoro enigma 750w g2 2

Getting everything out of the box and there are a few different things to look at. Both the actual PSU and cables come in their own protective bags. We can also see the power cable and a box with some zip ties and velcro straps so you can manage the cables inside your case and get them all tied up out of the way.

riotoro enigma 750w g2 3

Taking a quick look at the cables and we can see the SATA/Molex are flat cables while the others all are braided and look a bit nicer. All in all, having all the cables and connectors black should allow this to fit in with most builds. There’s nothing worse than having all black cables and then someone deciding, hey you know what, let’s piss them off and make the PCI-E connectors red! While RIOTORO does favour the red colour, it’s good to see they left the cables all black.

riotoro enigma 750w g2 4

riotoro enigma 750w g2 6

RIOTORO have added a nice amount of zip ties and the bonus velcro straps will go a long way into making sure your build is left looking as clean as possible.

riotoro enigma 750w g2 5

One thing we all need to give RIOTORO props on is the placement of the below sticker. This sticker is necessary on all power supplies. However, a lot of companies put it on the side where it may end up in view inside your PC. RIOTORO have decided to include it but have added it to the top of the PSU so you shouldn’t see this is most builds. This just goes to show that RIOTORO is coming out of the gates swinging and really does have their customers in mind during their design process. Well done RIOTORO, it’s the small things like this that canb make all the difference.

riotoro enigma 750w g2 7

So instead of seeing a bunch of worthless logos and specs on the side of the PSU, we have a much more clean sticker with some RIOTORO branding and the model of the PSU, the Enigma 750W G2. This is a much more pleasant site in my opinion.

riotoro enigma 750w g2 9

As we have seen, this is a fully modular PSU which is always a pleasure to work with. Not only are modular power supplies easier to install, they also leave a cleaner looking build as you don’t have to have a bunch of unused cables hanging around. As you can see in the image below, all connectors are labelled properly and most anyone should be able to connect their power cables to the correct port on this PSU.

riotoro enigma 750w g2 8

On the back side where the power cable plugs in, we also have a power button and a Hybrid Mode button. The Hybrid Silent Fan Control features three cooling modes: fanless, quiet, and max cooling

riotoro enigma 750w g2 10

The fan has a nice grill on the top of it features the RIOTORO logo front and centre. This opening should be more than sufficient to allow for airflow to pass through the PSU and keep things cool, no matter what the task at hand is.

riotoro enigma 750w g2 11

This is what the Enigma 750W G2 looks like installed into the RIOTORO CR500 PC Case. It’s a nice fit and the cables are long enough to run them as you see fit.

riotoro enigma 750w g2 12

Final Thoughts


While we may not have a proper load tester to put power supplies through their paces, we do still do a bit of testing and stressing of our own! When using a multimetre to register voltage on the lines, everything was well within its expected limits when at idle and during gaming and full load. I’ve also been using the PSU for a few weeks to power up 3x GTX 1060 GPUs in my mining rig and it has not skipped a beat. While it would be nice to be able to check for ripple in the lines and report our findings back, our tests are more than enough for us to be able to at least put our faith in the PSU and let you know if it’s decent or not. All of our testing on the Enigma 750W G2 PSU was favourable and I have absolutely no issues with saying that it is worthy of powering your system. The fully modular design combined with the 80PLUS Gold rating really helps to set things off for RIOTORO and their Enigma 750 G2 PSU.

While RIOTORO products can be purchased here in the UK, their availability isn’t too great as of yet. However, if you can find one of these PSUs to purchase, it should be around the £84 mark which makes it a great buy for a fully modular PSU. The Enigma 750W G2 is competitively priced and will be a great addition to any build without breaking the bank. While the current RGB trend is taking over, it is nice to see a product that keeps things simple which also allows its price not to be overinflated.

RIOTORO have done an excellent job supplying the market with a great product that looks as well as it performs and all at a price that won’t hurt your wallet!

Enos Tech Must Have Award