One of the biggest things you will hear anyone say when handing out PC building advice is do not skimp on the Power Supply and I can wholeheartedly agree with this. Having experience with pushing builds beyond what my unit needed I know full well how important a clean and strong power source can be when trying to reach those high clocks. The PSU gets overlooked and doesn’t make as big a statement as some other parts but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The PSU is the heart of your system it powers everything, what makes the system tick in the first place. So choosing the right PSU can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. Do not worry though, a quick search of the internet finds several PSU calculators just a click or two away from where you can punch in a few parts and get a good idea of the minimum PSU your build will require.

Apexgaming has been kind enough to send us their AG-750M power supply, which is by the title a 750W PSU of the 80+ GOLD rating which should be more than enough for any solid single GPU build and even some multi-GPU setups with some Radeon RX 580/70s or dual NVIDIA GTX 1060/70s. The AG-750M is a fully modular PSU that features a 140mm Silent Fan with Anti-Vibration design for low noise operation.


Closer Look

Taking a look at the boxing you are greeted with the Apexgaming logo and the 80+ GOLD stamp beside the PSU model and you can see there is a 10 Years warranty as well. The 10-year warranty is a big deal, being as these days power consumption is shrinking and with that in mind, a solid PSU should get you 10 years if you buy smart. You can also clearly see the fully modular design of the AG-750M. You will also notice the fan ventilation that allows the silent 140mm fan to keep the PSUs internal components nice and cool. Whether you are hitting your system with heavy gaming or benchmark run, the 140mm fan should be more tha adequate to keep things cool.

On the back of the box, Apexgaming goes into more detail about the unit, like included cables and their uses. Here, you will also be able to see the cable lengths and numbers of connectors they each have. This will be a big help to modders and enthusiasts to make sure this PSU is capable of what they need.

The packaging was nicely put together and presents you with all documents on top of the two-piece cardboard encasing for the PSU itself, and sitting right next to that is a really nice bag holding all of your cables and more.

Laying everything out you can get a look at what is included with the unit. There are all the required cables for a modern build, including screws and even 6 zip ties to help you manage your cables which is an important part of any clean build. (Note: I dropped one zip tie when laying everything out.)

Apexgaming has gone with a 140mm Silent Fan with Anti-Vibration design for low noise operation, and it does just that even under a good load the unit remained very quiet.

The visible sides of the PSU when installed feature matching stickers with the quote “Makes Gamers A+” over the model, rating and branding.

Taking a peek at the back side of the PSU you can see the power input as well as a cut off switch. Always liked having a switch to use instead of having to unplug my unit when doing a quick change or clean.

The AG-750M comes with enough cables to allow quite a decent mid to full tower build sporting 1×4+4 CPU, 2x (6+2)x2 GPU, 1x L4Px4 Modular Plugs and 2x Satax4 cables. They also include a floppy connector and the cables had more than enough range to get around in my NZXT H500. Another bonus is the cables are a neutral black and of a flat variety which makes cable management a breeze.

The other side from the fan has the specification sticker that all companies must put on their power supplies. This sticker includes important information governments require to have clearly stated on every unit, it can also be fairly easily removed if need be.


Performance and Design

I do not as of yet have the tools required to put a power supply through the full gamut of tests but having tested the unit in my personal rig, I am happy to report that there were no oddities in the performance of the unit and it held up my overclocked R7 1700 and Radeon RX 580 8GB no problem with a host of drives and RGB bling sucking power from it. In my viewing of HWiNFO and OCCT, it behaved exactly how I would expect an 80+ GOLD rated unit should in my eyes without tools to dig deeper. Eventually, I would like to check for things like ripple but for now, I am confident this unit is sufficient to supply a solid gaming or productivity system. The fully modular design is very nice to have, allowing you to remove any unneeded cables to clean the cable management up even more. The flat design of the cables makes routing them in a tight system much easier than rounded and sleeved cables which help to keep your build look amazing upon completion.


Just take a look around the market and you can easily find other 750W 80+ GOLD units easily running $30-50 more. Apexgaming is new to the market and they are entering it with a bang here I think. Offering a 10 Year warranty is brave and making a statement that they stand behind their products. Most units offering the same specs and warranties across the board will easily run $140 give or take in my market and this one comes in at a nice $95.24 at the time of this review from Amazon. The build quality feels as good as some of the name brands I have run through my builds, add that to the clean flat cable look and accessories included in the box and this is really a solid value offering on the market currently. Generally, you do not want to cheap out on your power supply and I don’t really think that you are with the AG-750M. It’s backed by the monster 10 Year warranty and ran as solid as expected in my build under a fairly heavy overclock. It also passed all tests without fail or need to tweak my power settings in my BIOS that I achieved with my more expensive EVGA G3 850 80+ GOLD.

Many thanks to Apexgaming for sending a sample of their AG-750M PSU.