As the internet becomes our primary place to chill, chat and play, Streamplify, a new German-based designer and manufacturer of affordable live streaming products, is making its global debut in stores and online retailers around Europe and the US. 

Streamplify wants to share the joy of live streaming by making it easier to share your passion in high quality with the world.

“Many established streamers have told us that, when they first started, they wished there had been a brand providing reliable, budget-friendly equipment to help them get off the ground. That’s the gap we are trying to fill now with our product line,” – Nils Klakow, Business Development Manager at Streamplify.

The people behind the brand all hail from the gaming and PC hardware industries, and have been in the business of developing products for gamers – and being devoted gamers themselves – for upwards of 20 years. There is over two years of development, testing, and revision behind the line of products being presented today, with input from streamers, musicians, content creators, technicians, and video and photography professionals.

For those who are looking to upgrade their kit or start streaming and recording on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, products available at launch will include: 

  • Streamplify CAM – Featuring Full HD 1080P/60FPS, the CAM delivers crystal clear video. Full glass lens with built-in smart auto-focus and light enhancement. 90° wide angle and 360° swivel and an anti-spy sliding webcam cover.
  • Streamplify MIC TRIPOD & ARMRGB microphone with a lightweight tripod or full adjustable mounting arm. Features cardioid pickup pattern, up to 48kHz/16bit sample rate, quick mute function, 2 audio playback modes, full playback Podcast Mode and one-way playback Gaming Mode.
  • Streamplify LIGHT 10 & 14 – Both feature colour temperature control, 10 brightness levels, and include smartphone and camera mounts. The 14 comes with front tactile-switch control and IR remote, while the 10 provides an inline remote.
  • Streamplify SCREEN LIFT – 1.5×2 meter green screen with hydraulic lift, portable design with lockable foot wheels.

More products are on the way in 2022 to help build out the complete “starter’s kit.”

For more information on Streamplify and its product line, visit 

About Streamplify:

Founded in 2021, Streamplify set out to inspire young individuals who are on a tight budget to share their passions and interests online with the world. It’s important to us to make it as easy and accessible as possible for you to share high-quality content. By providing the whole range of essential streaming products – webcams, microphones, ring lights, green screens, and more – Streamplify gives aspiring streamers and content creators a reliable option to get their feet off the ground without breaking the bank.

About Streamplify’s parent company:

Founded in 2003 with the vision of being the global leader of immersive gaming experience products, Pro Gamers Group has grown significantly over the years. With over 20 years of combined knowledge and experience, and through multiple acquisitions and the development of new brands, the group has grown to 700 employees across 10 companies in 12 locations around the globe, 5 of which are strong e-commerce shops well-established in their markets.