NZXT announces today the Kraken G12 kit, allowing users to use their liquid AIOs to better cool their GPUs. Lower temperatures at lower noise improve both gaming performance and experience. By mounting an AIO, like the NZXT Kraken Series, users can significantly lower their GPU’s temperatures compared to its stock cooling, increase overclocking performance, and reduce noise output for an improved gaming experience. An update to the previous Kraken G10, the Kraken G12 allows for easier installation and wider compatibility with more than 30 popular liquid AIOs on the market.

Being able to play the latest games at the highest settings, without sacrificing performance is something all gamers want. While aftermarket graphic cards have improved lately, most stock cooling systems still can’t reach the performance level of liquid cooling. That’s why we decided to design the updated Kraken G12 to be easier to install and support the latest liquid AIOs” says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder and CEO.

Kraken G12 main features:

  • 40% better cooling over stock GPU coolers
  • New redesigned bracket for easier installation
  • Compatible with more than 30 liquid AIOs on the market
  • Cooling: 92mm dedicated fan for both memory and VRM, compatible with aftermarket VRM heatsinks
  • Support for both reference and non-reference AMD & NVIDIA designs graphic cards

Improving GPU cooling is easy
Users can quickly mount any Kraken Series liquid cooler onto their graphics cards with the Kraken G12 mounting kit. It delivers a 40% increase in cooling capacity over stock cooling, allowing for higher GPU clock speed and increased frame rates with reduced noise.

The installation process is easier compared to the previous Kraken G10 thanks to a newly designed bracket.

Wide compatibility
The Kraken G12 supports both reference and non-reference design AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, for more than 30 liquid AIOs, including aftermarket VRM heatsinks.

Active cooling for VRM
The Kraken G12 comes with a 92mm fan, providing active cooling for the VRM and memory on the graphics card.

MSRP Pricing:
£29.99 inc VAT

UK – May 2017