Everyone is connected to the internet through their smart devices and smartphones are one of the most popular devices in the world. It is one of the most useful devices in today’s age as it offers a plethora of functions right at your fingertips. Whether you are in school, college, work, or even retired and enjoying life, everyone has a smartphone. 

If you have got your first-ever smartphone or a more advanced smartphone, there are several accessories that you could own that can enhance the function of your device. Modern smartphones are equipped with top-notch software and hardware that are appealing to several people in the world. China, India, and the United States have the highest number of smartphone users

However, there are no shortages of smartphone accessories that make your device more productive, stylish, and functional. Keep in mind some accessories are only compatible with certain devices, for instance, Apple smartwatches work only on iPhones, so make sure that you choose the right one that works perfectly for your phone. If you are looking for tech gadgets for students, this list will help you identify useful tech for them. 

There are several types of accessories in the market so In this article, we will explore some cool smartphone accessories that you should own. 

Portable Chargers 

Even though most of the latest smartphones offer excellent battery life, a portable charger can be a great companion to many users. Most smartphones lose a lot of battery when the camera is used a lot, multiple apps are opened, GPS is being used, or even when a game is being played. In any case, a portable charger will ensure that your phone never runs out of battery as you will be able to charge your phone whether you are at a near-wall outlet or not. You can also consider purchasing a portable charging station 

Bluetooth Earphones 

An important smartphone accessory that is popular amongst many users is Bluetooth earphones as it allows individuals to listen to music no matter where they are. Nowadays, many people are opting for wireless devices as it gives them more flexibility and also offers a variety of functions. There are a variety of options available in the market that range from decent and cheap to quality premium Bluetooth earphones. You can also consider buying a headphone jack to hear music from your wired earphones easily. 


One of the most popular and must-have accessories for smartphones in the past few years is a smartwatch. These wearables are equipped with several functions and features that enhance the functions present on your phone. Some of the features include a fitness tracker, voice assistant, notifications, calls, GPS, time-related features, and so much more. The New Garmin Fenix 7 is one of the most trending watches this year, read this complete guide on superwatches to know more about this impressive watch.  

Clip-on Camera Lens 

If you love clicking photographs with your smartphone, the different clip-on camera lenses can help you capture the beauty of the world easily through your device. These lenses usually come in packs and often come in different shapes and sizes. They are usually compatible with both iOS as well as Android systems. If you are looking at these kinds of camera lenses, here are some types that can help you like fisheye lenses, macro lenses, wide-angle lenses, telephoto lenses, and so on. So according to your need, you can choose either one or buy a couple of them to enjoy your phone photography. 



Now that you understand the benefits of these lens attachments you should also consider a gimbal as it can help you shoot professional-grade videos. Gimbals are great devices that enable users to capture steady videos right through their phones. So if you are interested in creating a short video with your device or starting your own vlog, a gimbal is a necessary smartphone accessory. 

Cases, Covers, and Guards 

One of the first things that every individual does when they purchase their smartphone is getting a strong, sturdy, and durable case or cover for their phone. By doing so they protect their phone scratches, dents, and even shattered displays. Additionally, you can also consider adding a screen protector to ensure your display is clean and clear without any kind of marks or scratches. No matter how careful you are or you think you are, you should apply a screen protector on your smartphone. 

Car Mount 

Smartphones are equipped with GPS tracking software that allows users to navigate through different or new routes easily without any trouble. A car mount will ensure that your devices remain in your line of sight at all times when driving. Many car mounts are built for specific devices, however, the majority of them are versatile and compatible with all kinds of devices. If you have a smartwatch, you can use it to navigate as well as it sends different vibrations indicating whether you need to go left or right.

Final Thoughts 

When you talk about smartphones these are some of the coolest accessories you will come across when you are doing your research. 

Keep in mind there are several types of smartphones in the market so make sure that you choose the right accessory that is suitable for your smart device. 

When it comes to smartwatches you must do your research and understand the different aspects of your desired device.