Gaming monitors are becoming more and more popular by the day and rightly so! Whether you are on a console or a PC, a good Gaming Monitor can make the difference between getting shot or getting the drop on your enemy! All games can benefit from such monitors but there are a good few titles that you can really notice the difference in. Games like Quake Live and CS:GO which are both available on Steam see a massively noticeable difference between standard monitors and gaming monitors such as the 24G2ZU that we are reviewing today! When it comes to choosing the right monitor for you, there are a lot of things to consider. Things like refresh rate, response time, and even the size of the monitor and resolution are all worth considering if you are considering getting a new monitor.

The 24G2ZU is a 24′ monitor that features a 1920x1080P resolution with a 240Hz refresh rate and a 0.5ms response time! Now, this may sound like a bit of gibberish to some, but those in the know can appreciate that this monitor is going to be absolutely fantastic for FPS and MOBA games. While you will still notice a good difference in any game genre, the faster-paced the game is, the more of a difference you will notice! FPS is the main type of game I play and I have to say, even coming from a 144Hz monitor to this 240Hz, I could tell a big difference. AOC has really been making a name for themselves lately and while they have even started to branch out into other products like PC Gaming Peripherals, their monitors are some of the best out there when it comes to the performance for the value that they have to offer.

24G2ZU Specifications

Full specifications can be found on the PRODUCT PAGE

AOC 24G2ZU specs

AOC 24G2ZU display info


24G2ZU Closer Look

As with most everything we buy these days, the 24G2ZU needs to be set up. But worry not, as it is rather easy! The base/stand comes in two pieces, you simply insert the base into the stand and then there is a single thumbscrew to secure them together.

AOC 24G2ZU stand in 2 parts

It should only take a couple of seconds to get the stand put together and then even less to add the monitor to it!

AOC 24G2ZU stand put together upright

To keep things properly set up, simply insert the stand into the back of the monitor and make sure it clicks into place and is secure and that’s it, job done!

AOC 24G2ZU gaming monitor back without stand

Once done it should look something like this and again, just make sure that it has fully clicked into place and is not lose as would hate for it to fall off on you when you go to use it.

AOC 24G2ZU gaming monitor back with stand in

Now comes the fun part. It’s time to get this bad boy on your desk and set up just how you want it. AOC has made this very easy as this monitor moves/tilts/turns and damn near swivels so you can get it at just the perfect angle.  The height adjustment is as easy as pushing the monitor down the stand or picking up, simple as that.

AOC 24G2ZU gaming monitor lowered

The ease of use is great as well as sometimes, depending on your monitor location you may need to adjust the height to avoid glare from the sun or similar. It will also make it so that you can get the monitor at the height you need no matter how high or low your desk is.

AOC 24G2ZU gaming monitor front facing

The AOC 24G2ZU also has a great tilt range to make sure you are getting the best viewing angle possible. Again, this can help with glare or if you just like your monitor slightly tilted, it’s not an issue.

AOC 24G2ZU tilt 2

A lot of monitors feature the tilt functions these days but it is still nice to see, especially on gaming monitors! Simply grab the screen and either lift the bottom a bit or push it back to the stand, depending on how you need it at the current moment. It really couldn’t be any easier than that.

AOC 24G2ZU tilt 1

The 24G2ZU comes with an inbuilt USB 3.2 hub that has four USB ports you can make use of. There is also an audio connection and three video inputs that consist of two HDMI 2.0 ports and a single DisplayPort 1.2. The inputs should be more than enough for most as this is a monitor specifically designed for gaming and this will allow you to connect up to two consoles and a PC at the same time.

AOC 24G2ZU gaming monitor ports and inputs

Just below all the inputs and ports are the all-important label with model and serial numbers on them. Hopefully, you will never really need to use this but just in case, it is there for you. It will also confirm the full model number so you can be sure what you are looking at or buying.

AOC 24G2ZU label

You may or may not have noticed but there is also a small cutout in the stand. This is going to be used for managing the cables from it so they are not all over the place and rather, all corraled together in a nice and ordered fashion.

AOC 24G2ZU raised back view full

Using The 24G2ZU Gaming Monitor

While this is 100% a gaming monitor, I wouldn’t be doing it justice if I didn’t use it for normal tasks as well. This is where things get tricky though as personally, I am used to 27″+ 4K monitors for my daily work. I did manage to use it for a couple of days but I have to say, if you are used to a higher resolution, it is hard to go back to 1080P for day to day stuff. However, what I can say is that everything is smooth as can be thanks to that 240Hz refresh rate and if you think I am just talking nonsense, set your monitor to 60Hz and move your mouse. Next, set it to 240Hz and move the mouse again and you can see how much smoother it is. Personally, I have joined the elite and I could never go back to a 60Hz monitor, even for non-gaming tasks. The 24G2ZU is a great 1080P monitor but its main focus is gaming, so let’s get into that!

AOC 24G2ZU monitor with aoc homepage open

As mentioned the 24G2ZU comes with a 240Hz refresh rate and a 05m response time, making it one of the faster monitors out there for gaming. The fun doesn’t stop there, it also features a 1080P IPS panel and is even Freesync Premium compatible. The first game I had to load up was Quake Live as it is probably the fastest-paced game I play and will really put that 240Hz refresh rate to the test. Even coming from a 144Hz monitor, I could definitely tell the difference straight away. I play a lot of Clan Arena which is no self-damage so people are rocket jumping and bunny hopping all over the place at an incredibly fast pace. The 24G2ZU was well up to the challenge and I was thoroughly impressed with how smooth everything was and no word of a lie, it has me wanting to figure out how to add such a monitor to my setup strictly just for gaming! I did manage to play a few more games on such as CS:GO, Apex, COD:MW and even a game or two of Rocket League. The 24G2ZU was great in all titles I tested it in and I can 100% recommend this for a gaming monitor as it truly needs to be seen and played on in person to fully appreciate what it has to offer.

AOC 24G2ZU quake live open

24G2ZU Final Thoughts


Currently coming in at £269.99 (though out of stock) on Amazon UK, this makes the 24G2ZU an insanely affordable gaming monitor that will help take your game to the next level! It has all the features you will need in a gaming monitor and will no doubt give you the edge over your opponents, unless, of course, they have their very own 24G2ZU monitor or similar. Gaming monitors are becoming a bit more affordable and it will only be a matter of time before higher refresh rates become more normal. For the money, the 24G2ZU has a lot to offer such as a 240Hz refresh rate, 0.5ms response time, freesync, speakers and a very small bezel so can be used nicely in a multi-monitor setup.

AOC 24G2ZU aoc logo front of monitopr

Design and Performance

What can I say, I can not fault the 24G2ZU monitor at all! It offers almost everything a gamer would need in a monitor. The 240Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms response time when paired up with Freesync technologies offer an absolutely incredible gaming experience. This is, currently, the best gaming monitor I have personally had the chance to use! While I do prefer something bigger in size with a higher resolution for day to day stuff, for gaming, the 24G2ZU is great. This is the type of monitor we have come to know and love from the folks over at AOC and are always happy to test out. I mean, playing games on a monitor for testing? Surely this can’t be work, at least it doesn’t feel like it! When all is said and done AOC has come to the market with another great monitor that not only features a 240hz display, it also comes at a price that users will be able to afford.

Enos Tech Must Have Award

Many thanks to AOC for sending in a sample of their 24G2ZU monitor for this review. 

AOC is really putting a big focus on their Gaming Monitors lately and it shows. They’ve gone as far as rebranding the line to AGON BY AOC and their new G3 lineup of monitors looks absolutely amazing.