Packaging and Unboxing


What to speak of the packaging box and its style! We have a triangular-shaped packing box which looks nice in person but difficult to handle in my opinion.

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer box front

There are two things that need to be addressed on the packing box. These are:

  • The cooler has 6 years warranty not 2 years. (This is due to Arctic listening to consumers and offering a better warranty on their products)
  • The cooler comes with MX5, not MX4.


20210711 110711 Copy

The features highlight of the cooler are:

  • In-House developed PWM pump
  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Performance Series P Fans
  • VRM Cooling solution included
  • MX-5 Thermal Paste

The specifications are printed in a tabular format.

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer box back

The features are highlighted using the pictures along with the contents of the box.

20210711 110851 Copy

Rev.4 is confirming that we have the latest revision of the cooler at hand. With Rev.4 they are shipping the AM4 kit in the box as well.


Let’s take a look at what is provided in the box.

20210711 111516 Copy

There is no user guide provided in the box. ARCTIC has a different approach when it comes to the user guide. They have a detailed guide on their website in an animated format. There is a scan label which will take the user to the guide’s page on the website. So, make sure you have an active internet connection for that. In my opinion, the installation instructions should have been included.

20210711 111548 Copy

AM4 kit includes:

  • 2x AMD Mounting Brackets
  • 4x black spacers
  • 4x long screws

20210711 111632 Copy

We have:

  • 1x Intel Backplate
  • 2x Intel Mounting Brackets

20210711 111839 Copy

We have:

  • 4x Thumb Nuts
  • 4x Intel LGA-20xx Standoffs
  • 4x Intel other sockets Standoffs
  • 4x AMD Standoffs

20210711 111920 Copy

  • 12x Washers
  • 2x Long Screws for the Mounting Brackets
  • 12x Radiator Screws
  • 12x Fans Screws

20210711 111725 Copy

We have:

  • 8x Pasting Washers
  • 0.8g MX5