WS X299 SAGE, WS X299 PRO and WS X299 PRO/SE motherboards provide a new level of features, security and design for businesses, prosumers and PC enthusiasts


· WS X299 SAGE supports four-way graphics configurations, enabling tremendous GPU power for intensive workloads, like deep learning and complex rendering

· WS X299 PRO offers a balance of performance and features in a standard ATX form factor for businesses, content creators and enthusiasts

· WS X299 PRO/SE features similar specs to WS X299 PRO, but adds extensive remote management capabilities

TAIPEI, Taiwan, November 10, 2017 — ASUS today announced WS X299 SAGE, WS X299 PRO and WS X299 PRO/SE, a trio of workstation-class motherboards based on the Intel® X299 platform and designed to blend powerful performance and tuning options with the extra validation and management functions required by enterprises. WS X299 SAGE leads the family with support for four-way graphics configurations, allowing users to apply tremendous GPU power to compute-intensive workloads like deep learning and complex rendering. WS X299 PRO scales back the expansion slots and offers enhanced M.2 cooling for businesses and content creators. WS X299 PRO/SE features added out-of-band remote management via dedicated hardware. Together, these boards provide a compelling balance of features and performance that bridge the gap between the ASUS desktop and Xeon® motherboard lineups.

Although the ASUS WS X299 lineup inherits many cutting-edge features from its desktop counterparts, workstations have more stringent performance and reliability requirements. ASUS WS boards are subjected to more rigorous testing than standard models; they meet tighter tolerances in crucial areas like power delivery to PCIe® devices, and they endure longer simulated aging tests with extra electrical and environmental variables. ASUS engineers also validate compatibility with an extensive collection of desktop and workstation hardware, including graphics cards, memory, storage devices and even power supplies, so system builders can rest assured that their rigs will be rock solid.


The highly-anticipated WS X299 SAGE motherboard is made for maximum GPU density with seven full-sized expansion slots and room for up to four double-width cards. It’s the best board for training neural networks and crunching other scalable compute loads.

S1920x1080 WS X299 SAGE


With a standard ATX form factor, WS X299 PRO fits where larger workstation motherboards cannot. Its appeal extends deeper into the prosumer space to content creators, yet it easily makes the crossover into enthusiast territory for builders who want one machine for both work and play.



WS X299 PRO/SE offers similar specs to WS X299 PRO, but adds extensive remote management capabilities. In addition to supporting ASUS Control Center for in-band communication, it has an ASMB9-iKVM module for out-of-band management. The board can receive keyboard and mouse input remotely while sending a live video feed, all without any client software installed.


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ASUS WS X299 series of motherboards are available worldwide starting in November 2017. Please visit or contact your local ASUS representative for further information.