EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is proud to introduce a new high-end, special edition liquid cooling reservoir, the EK-RES X4 250!

EK-RES X4 250


EK-RES X4 is a high-end standalone liquid cooling reservoir unit with completely new design and features. The first major distinction from the existing RES-X3 Series is its sheer size with 250mm in height and 90mm of diameter on top and the bottom. The body of the unit features premium high quality glass tube with 80mm in diameter. This provides extreme volume space and the reservoir can hold up to 0,8 liters of liquid.


EK-RES X4 250

Top and bottom are made of quality POM Acetal material, with special metal nut holders that allow for the mounting of the reservoir in different positions. RES X4 UNI holder and RES X4 120mm fan holder are enclosed for mounting the unit inside the case. Both are made of nickel plated metal. One is designed as a vertical stand that can be mounted on a 120mm fan or chassis bottom and the other as, either vertical or horizontal stand for mounting directly in the chassis. The mechanism allows for easy adjustment and orientation.


Nickel plated wire holders for different mounting positions in the chassis.

(Black holder on the right photo is not enclosed!)

Furthermore the unit is packed with ports, it features a total of 8 ports! The top has two G1/4″ threaded ports and one 3/8″ threaded port, which is intended as a fill port. The bottom features no more than five G1/4″ threaded ports – users will be able to really find the perfect orientation and port configuration! In case of the horizontal position, customers will be able to utilize EK-HD Tubes that can serve as a suction and pressure ports inside the unit. The reservoir comes pre-installed with Anitcylone for preventing the swirl of the liquid.


Bottom features an LED strip with a white bright light-emitting diodes that will illuminate the liquid inside the reservoir. The position of the LED strip cable is also adjustable, so users will be able to hide it away from view.


Bright white LED strip inside the bottom.

EK-RES X4 250 is made in Slovenia, Europe and is readily available for purchase through EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network. MSR price with included VAT is in the table below.

NameMSRP (incl. VAT)
EK-RES X4 250134.95€