Another day, another review. Today, we are taking a look at a set of Bluetooth Gaming Speakers from Genesis! Now, let me just say that you don’t need to get too worried as they can still be plugged directly into your PC/laptop/Phone as and when needed. The Helium 300BT 2.0 Gaming Speakers are really offering the best of both worlds. Plug into your PC or laptop and then if you want to listen to something off your phone, switch to Bluetooth mode and connect them to your phone and you are good to go! This will alleviate the need for having separate speakers for your PC and phone which means more money to spend elsewhere! While Genesis may not be the most well-known manufacturer yet, they do offer a great range of products that offer quality and performance at what is normally an affordable price.

Packaging and Accessories

The Helium 300BT Gaming Speakers come nicely packaged in a box with an out sleeve. The outer sleeve has a nice image showing off the Helium 300 Gaming Speakers on the front. We can also see that they feature A-RGB lighting. Yes, you see that right, A-RGB lighting on a set of speakers! Don’t worry, we will get into how that all works in a bit. We can also see they feature Bluetooth 5.0 which again, will make connecting your phone to them quite easily.

Genesis Helium 300BT Gaming Spakers Box

On to the back and as we see a lot of the time, we have quite a bit more information here. There is also a small QR code you can scan to find out more info on the speakers.

Genesis Helium 300 BT 2.0 Gaming Speakers Review 1

The speakers come very well packaged inside the box. There is foam padding on the top and bottom to hold them in place and protect them during transit. The foam has cutouts in it so each speaker fits in it perfectly for extra protection.

Genesis Helium 300 BT 2.0 Gaming Speakers Review 2

Aside from the speakers, there is only a couple of cables in the box. Users will find the RCA to 3.5mm jack cable and a USB to A-RGB cable and an A-RGB cable extension. So, in short, yes, you can connect these to your motherboard and control them VIA your preferred RGB software to sync them with the lights on your whole system.

Genesis Helium 300 BT 2.0 Gaming Speakers Review 3