Helium 300BT Closer Look



The Genesis Helium 300BT Gaming Speakers come in black colour and look very similar to what I would call bookshelf speakers. They come with a bigger bass reflex speaker on the bottom and a smaller tweeter on the top to offer the best of both highs and lows when listening to music or playing games!

They have a kind of trippy 3d square type design on the side of them which looks nice and helps to add a little something so they are not just plain, boring and black.

On the back, we have a single air port on each. One of them has a wire coming out which is to connect that speaker to the main speaker which has two visible screws on the back. Not 100% sure what the screws are for, especially as they are only one the one but they are there.

The main speaker has all the connections and controls. We have standard volume and bass volume wheels, L-speaker input and the RCA inputs. There is also a power button, a USB port that is used to connect the speakers to your PCs motherboard via an A-RGB header and lastly, we have three buttons. These buttons are going to allow you to manually control some of the RGB functions without the need for plugging into your PC. We also have an ECO mode button and then a MODE button which will switch from being plugged in to utilizing Bluetooth with the simple press of a button.

The photos don’t do them justice but the A-RGB around the speakers looks amazing! The button on the side as mentioned will give you a few options to customize this but during my testing, I left in on the Rainbow mode and quite enjoyed it. It’s enough to see with ease but not overly powerful as to bounce or reflect off anything. Honestly, the RGB is well done and as always, you can turn it off should you choose to.

The Helium 300BT Gaming Speakers will be a great addition to any gaming setup! Not only do they look great, but the sound that comes out of them is also crisp, clear and damn sure loud enough to annoy the crap out of your neighbours at any time of day.