How to Choose the Right Gaming Mouse For You

Online competitive gaming is taking the lead in the entertainment industry. There are tons of people playing online competitive games while millions of people are watching competitive eSports tournaments.

When a person gets into competitive gaming, they start working towards getting better at it. One of the simplest things that a gamer can do to improve their in-game performance is get better hardware or peripherals. The first upgrade that gamers lean towards is getting a gaming mouse. Here we will discuss all there is to know about figuring out the right gaming mouse for you.

Do You Really Need a Gaming Mouse?

A gaming mouse can help a gamer massively improve their in-game performance but, why is that the case? First of all, a gaming mouse allows players to have a more precise aim. The precision of a gaming mouse depends upon its sensitivity and sensor. Gaming mice have advanced sensors that are several times more sensitive than an average desktop mouse.

The next feature offered by gaming mice is reduced latency and input lag. Input lag is detrimental to a competitive gamer’s in-game performance. The latency of an average desktop mouse is very high. High amounts of input lag can easily be noticed while trying to aim with an average desktop mouse. 

Gaming mice also provide tons of customizability options. The most basic features that can be adjusted of a gaming mouse include the DPI, sensitivity, polling rate, mouse button functions, and lighting options. All this is done through software that comes with the mouse and can be downloaded from the brand’s website. Some gaming mice even allow you to change their weight and the feeling of the clicks.

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Types of Mice

While trying to figure out which gaming mouse will be perfect for you, there are several things you need to keep in mind. The first thing that you should take note of is what type of gaming mouse you are looking for. Here are the most common types of gaming mice.

FPS Mouse

An FPS mouse is the most basic type of mouse out there in the market. It has two extra unmapped buttons beside the Left Mouse Button and the Right Mouse Button. You can use the software that comes with the mouse to select the function that each of the extra buttons will perform. For example, one button could be used for throwing a grenade while the other one could be used for ‘push to talk’.

MMO / MOBA Mouse 

In MMO and MOBA games, players usually have access to tons of abilities. These abilities are not necessarily used all the time but they need to be activated as fast as possible in competitive environments. Hence, MMO and MOBA mice have up to 12 unmapped buttons that can be assigned to perform any of the abilities of a particular game.

Ambidextrous Mouse

Several companies make mice specifically for left-handed people. These companies also make ambidextrous mice that can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people. 

Many left-handed players adjust to playing with the mouse in their non-dominant hand. Some even make it to eSports playing like this. One of these players is KennyS who is considered to be one of the top AWPers in CS: GO eSports. However, you can use an Ambidextrous or left-handed mouse if you prefer.

Hand Size

The next step is figuring out the perfect gaming mouse for figuring out its size. The size of your mouse will depend entirely upon your hand size. The larger your hand the larger the mouse will have to be. 

Use a ruler or tape measure to measure the length and width of your hand. Your hand will be classified as a large hand if its length is over 20cm or 7.8 inches and if its width is more than 11cm or 4.3 inches. If the length of your hand is less than 17cm or 6.7 inches and if the width is lower than 7.5cm or 3.3 inches, then your hand is a Small size hand. Everything in between will be considered as a Medium-sized hand.


Gamers usually prefer a mouse to be as light as possible. A light mouse helps in more precise aiming. However, some gamers argue that a heavier mouse helps in stabilizing their aim. While this might also be the case for you, you should not go too heavy for a gaming mouse.

Grip Style

The size and shape of a gaming mouse that you go for will also depend upon the grip style that you use while gaming. Here are three of the most common grip styles.

  • Palm Grip: This is one of the most common grips. In a palm grip, your fingers are lying flat on the mouse buttons while your entire palm is resting on the body of the mouse. For this type of grip, a large mouse is best suited.
  • Tip Grip: In a tip grip, only the tips of your fingers are touching the mouse buttons while the mouse is held with the help of the thumb. A small lightweight mouse is best suited for this grip.
  • Claw Grip: The claw grip is a combination of the palm and tip grip styles. Your palm rests on the back edge of the mouse while your fingers and thumb are pointing towards the mouse in the shape of a claw. A narrow small mouse is best for this grip.

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Figuring out the perfect gaming mouse for you is not an easy task. There are tons of options to choose from and several different designs. Firstly figure out the type of mouse you need the options that include MOBA / MMO mouse, FPS mouse, ambidextrous mouse. After that narrow down to the size and weight of the mouse. Lastly, you can check if the aesthetics of the mouse appeal to your taste.