08.08.2019 – Warsaw, Poland – The European PC case and cooling manufacturer SilentiumPC, expands its ring-type RGB fan series by adding the bigger 140 mm version. The Corona HP RGB series offers a very delicate and smooth RGB illumination thanks to the embedded LEDs in the ring. Features like the HBS (Hydraulic) bearing and the built-in anti-vibration rubber grommets, allow the Corona HP RGB 140 to be used as a versatile case fan and to be the perfect match for air coolers and radiators of water-cooling systems. SilentiumPC supports such larger fan setups by offers the Corona HP RGB 140 as a 3-pack bundle in addition to the regular single fan package.

Ring diffuser for even RGB illumination

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SilentiumPC uses a different approach for its Corona HP RGB fan series when it comes to the illumination. The 140 mm fan is equipped with a translucent ring in the frame, where 18 bright RGB LEDs are installed. The LEDs are aligned in such a way, that the light is emitted more smoothly through the translucent ring.
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The control and synchronization of colors and combination of effects is achieved by simply connecting the fan to the standardized 4-pin RGB connector of RGB-enabled motherboards. Further fine-tuning and adjustments can be made using the motherboard RGB controller software, such as ASRock™ RGB LED, Asus™ Aura, EVGA™ RGB or MSI™ Mystic Light.
In addition to that, it is possible to control the lighting using the separately available SilentiumPC Nano RGB ControllerAurora Ii RGB-302 Controlleror the Aurora Sync as well as Aurora Sync PRO controllers, which are pre-installed in selected Armis TG RGB PC cases.
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Built for versatile operation

Besides the obvious focus on the aesthetics, the Corona HP RGB 140 is built to meet the requirements of modern PC systems. The fan offers great airflow characteristics while rotating at fixed speed of 1.200 RPM. At this fan speed it is able to deliver the optimum ration between noise level and static pressure, while the HBS bearing ensures smoothness and reliability. The rotors are easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

The SilentiumPC Corona HP RGB 140 fan is available as of today.
Product Name Model No. Model No. MSRP*
SilentiumPC Corona HP RGB 140 SPC223 2 Years 13,50 €
SilentiumPC Corona HP RGB 140  3-pack SPC224 2 Years 37,90 €

*MSRP, incl. VAT/Taxes.

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