We proudly present the CoolForce 2, the first model of our new case series.

For us, “CoolForce” is a synonym for high quality products for water cooling enthusiasts – and that goes just as well for our new cases. All new models will have sufficient space for dual radiator circuits with all the needed components. Our “entry level” model CoolForce 2 can be equipped with a 240 mm radiator behind the front as well as a 360 mm model under the top cover.

When comparing the CoolForce 2 to our Deep Silence models, you will notice a completely new design, however many of the features of the well-established series can also be found in the CoolForce models. Side panels with noise insulation, decoupled mounting of hard disks and the PSU, as well as rubberized, decoupled case feet are part of the silent concept of the case. Also included are a fan control, dust filters and silent running case fans.

At the same time, the new series offers a variety of features usually not found in the price range. One of the most prominent features of the case is the versatile ModuWand (modular wall). Users can mount fans, hard disks, or reservoirs/pumps for a water cooling system, or it can be removed to allow the installation of longer VGA cards.

The optical highlight of the case are the preinstalled Rigid LED bars, as well as the illuminated Nanoxia logo in the upper part of the front panel. The “edges” on top of the front panel house the I/O-panel with 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, the HD audio connectors, as well as the switch for the 3-staged fan control. The “AirCover” at the rear of the top cover can easily be removed in order to install fans or water cooling radiators.

The ventilation system of the CoolForce 2 is especially versatile. Besides the three pre-installed 140 mm fans (2 x front, 1 x rear), three more 120/140 mm fans can be mounted under the top cover. Additional 120/140 mm fans can be mounted on the ModuWand (max. 2 x), as well as the case bottom (max. 1 x). The neon-green fans of the CoolForce series can be purchased separately.

As usual, we paid a lot of attention on a high flexibility for the installation of hard disks: A total of four dedicated SSD mounting spaces are available – three on the left side, as seen from the front, one at the rear of the motherboard tray. To insure that the SSD can easily be mounted, a straight SATA combo-cable is included. Cable ducts between front and the mounting spaces allow a clean cable management.

Two 2.5 and 3.5 inch drives each can be mounted on the ModuWand – an angled SATA combo-cable allows the easy installation of 3.5 inch drives without worrying about spacing issues. Those cables are available in stores as well.

Finally a 2-bay HDD cage can be found between the ModuWand and the front fans. Two 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch drives can be mounted here. The cage not only is fully modular, it is also equipped with mounting rails, which allows users to add our additional HDD-cages in order to increase the hard storage capability of the case substantially. The cages are identical to the ones used for the Deep Silence series and can be bought separately.

Externally, two 5.25 inch optical drive bays are available. User who don’t want to install an ODD or would like to use the additional space for water cooling radiators can easily remove the cage. The case offers space for CPU coolers with a height of up to 185 mm and VGA cards with a length of up to 300 mm. If the ModuWand is removed, 445 mm are available for graphics cards. Eight PCI expansion slots can be found at the rear.

The CoolForce 2 will be available in stores from next week. The MSRP is 84.99€, including 19%VAT.

About Nanoxia

Since 2012, behind the name Nanoxia stands a team of highly motivated German developers, who are enthusiastically turning their innovative ideas into reality. The focus of their work right from the beginning has been to create noise insulated PC cases, which offer the customer a variety of features – many of which are unique in their price range. Countless awards from renowned trade press magazines and websites demonstrate the high quality of the Nanoxia products. Fans, sleeved cables, case accessories, and more recently water cooling components that are offered under the label “Coolforce – powered by Nanoxia” are part of the portfolio. New products are continuously added – stay tuned…

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