Following on from our review of their Helium 300BT Gaming Speakers, today, we are taking a look at the Genesis Rhod 500 RGB Gaming Keyboard. While Genesis products are currently available in the UK, we are hoping that one day soon they will be. However, if you are located somewhere you can get your hands on some Genesis peripherals, they are well worth looking into. Genesis offers a great range of products that offer great performance and a friendly price that won’t make your wallet cry after purchasing them. So far, everything I have seen from Genesis has thoroughly impressed me and I look forward to seeing more from them in the future.

The box for the Rhod 500 RGB Gaming Keyboard is similar to what we have seen from other packaging from Genesis. It comes with a nice image of the keyboard taking up most of the front of the box. We have the Genesis logo in the top left and the model name down in the bottom right. We also have a couple of small images to let us know about the anti-ghosting and RGB.

Genesis Rhode 500RGB Gaming Keyboard Box Front

As with most products these days, the back of the box goes into quite a bit more detail on what we can expect from the Rhod 500 RGB Gaming Keyboard. This is a membrane keyboard and genesis have broken this down layer by layer for us to better understand how that all works. We can also see there are 7 RGB zones, built-in memory, gaming software and more that will help us best make use of the Rhod 500.

Genesis Rhode 500RGB Gaming Keyboard Box Back