Closer Look


Getting the Rhod 500 RGB Gaming Keyboard out of the box and it looks really nice considering it’s a membrane keyboard. Would also like to say thanks to Genesis for not trying to market this as some sort of ‘memchanical’ or other nonsense we have seen some manufacturers do! While yes, mechanical is generally preferred over a membrane, there is still a good market for membrane keyboards, especially those that look as nice as this.

The top plate of the housing is made from aluminium so straight out of the box, it screams quality as we have said. Considering the price, this is actually very nice to see as they could’ve likely gone for some cheap plastic or similar for the price range.

The Rhod 500 RGB Gaming Keyboard features Anti-ghosting for up to 19 keys at the same time. Now, this should be more than enough for anyone I would but if you feel like you can even hit 20 keys at the same time, with purpose, then you may want to look elsewhere. However, if being able to utilize 19 keys at the same time in a sequence is good enough for you, then the Rhod 500 has you covered. As mentioned Genesis products are not currently available in the UK but when they are, I do hope that their keyboards come with UK based layouts. This will really help set them apart at this price range! There is nothing worse than these Chinese companies trying to sell keyboards in the UK and only giving US layouts.

One thing we are seeing more of on gaming keyboards is a windows key locking function. In short, it allows you to lock the windows key so if you hit it by accident, nothing happens! This is massively useful for gamers and a great feature to have! Genesis has also taken it a step further on their Rhod 500 and included an LED-lit indicator for this function so you can tell with ease whether it is on or not.

Simply hold the FN key down then hit the windows key and BAM! All locked, loaded and ready to go.

Even turning the lighting on the Rhod 500 Gaming Keyboard is as easy as the pushing of a couple of buttons!

You can also change the brightness and other functions of the lighting with ease, even without any software.

On the back of the keyboard, we have a pair of feet to lift the Rhod 500 for a more ergonomic feeling. There are also four anti-slip pads so if using this keyboard on a hard surface, it won’t slide around.

RGB Lighting

Instead of going with per-key lighting, Genesis has gone with a 7-zone backlighting system for the Rhod 500. This just means you won’t be able to have as much control of the lighting features as if they were per-key but again, for the price you can appreciate why Genesis has gone the route.

The lighting still looks quite nice and is fairly bright when looking at it. Overall for a €30 membrane keyboard, it doesn’t get too much better than this! Especially when you remember that aluminium top plate of the casing!

Combining the Rhod 500 with other products from Genesis such as the Helium 300BT Gaming Speakers, Boron 500 RGB XXL Gaming Mousepad and Krypton 550 Gaming Mouse and you have one great looking setup! I for one am a big fan of this setup and while I would prefer a mechanical keyboard, which Genesis do offer, there is no denying how great this all looks!