Final Words


Pricing and Value

Coming in at just over €30, the Genesis Rhode 500 RGB Gaming Keyboard is priced right where you would hope to see it. If any cheaper and we would wonder if it’s just cheap garbage and any more expensive and it would be on its way to needed to be a mechanical keyboard. Genesis has done a great job at pricing it to allow good value for the money and while still being ‘cheap’ but not too cheap! Pricing can be tricky to get right but Genesis has managed to make sure the Rhod 500 is more budget orientated but still has a decent set of features.

Performance and Design

For a membrane keyboard, the Rhod 500 performs just as you would expect it to. It comes with RGB backlighting, anti-ghosting, built-in memory and more! Considering this is more of a budget orientated gaming keyboard, you really can’t fault what it has to offer. When using it. you will definitely appreciate that it really is a quality membrane keyboard. It’s got a sturdy feel to it thanks in part to the aluminium top-plate on this casing and overall good job Genesis did when designing it. Let us also not forget that it is a rather stylish keyboard and I would personally love to see a mechanical switch version with per-key backlighting as I really do love the way it looks!

Final Words

After using the Rhod 500 RGB Gaming Keyboard for a good couple of weeks, I must say that I managed to stay impressed with it throughout all of the testings I carried out. Remembering that it only costs €30, expectations weren’t overly high but it managed to live up to them. For the money, you are getting a decent looking keyboard that has great functionality. While not directly related to the Rhod 500 RGB Gaming Keyboard, I also like the fact that Genesis does a whole line of peripherals that you can get yours hands-on to have a nice matching setup. Hopefully, Genesis products will become more readily available, especially here in the UK as I can really see them shake things up a bit in a good way!