PCCOOLER has launched new fans named EF120 A-RGB. These fans are available in black and white colors. These 120mm fans with the multi-loop light effect look dope in person, particularly on the white edition of these fans. These fans are using Hydraulic bearings and come with standard 3-pin A-RGB (5V) connectors making them compatible with any standard A-RGB controller as well as the motherboard’s compatibility.

Product:               PCCOOLER EF120 A-RGB Fans


EF120 White USD 18
EF120 Black USD 17





Packaging and Unboxing

PCCOOLER has sent us a single fan pack of each edition. These are shipped inside a paper board box.

20220211 131154 Copy

This is an ARGB computer fan in 120mm size compatible with:


20220211 131208 Copy

These fans are rated for up to 61.3 CFM airflow at 1.47 mmH₂O static pressure at 1500 RPM speed.

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There is a container box inside the main packing box.

20220211 131249 Copy

Each pack has a single fan along with 4x self-tapping screws.

Closer Look

It is time to take a look at the fans. Both fans are identical except that one is a black variant whereas the other is the white one.

20220211 131306 Copy

The fans have a dimension of 120x120x25mm. We have a screw hole pattern of 105x105mm. The frame is not square-ish. There are 7 translucent blades to reflect the vivid lighting effect during the action. The diameter of the center seems to be standard size. The center has a PCCOOLER branding.

20220211 131320 Copy

There is a 4-arms assembly on the backside, holding the fan motor and blades to the frame. One of the arms has an inset along with three catchers or resters. The wires are routed through this widened inset area. Two catchers in opposite direction stop the wires from falling. The fans are made in China. Notice the ring-style lining on the frame. We even have lighting from the backside of these fans!

20220211 131350 Copy

The sides of the fans have an A-RGB LED loop line running across the length. There are no arrow indicators on these fans to give an idea of the airflow direction and direction in which the blades spin.

20220211 131433 Copy

The sides on the front have a downward slope layout and we can spot textured patterns on these slopes. This is probably done to direct the airflow in a focused fashion.

20220211 131407 Copy

Now, looking closely at the fan, there are rings or ring-style lining on the border which have A-RGB LEDs underneath. There is a gap between any two consecutive lining on the frame.

The main thing about EF120 is all about A-RGB light show; be it the side of the fan or front or back, you got it everywhere.

Each fan has a 4-pin PWM cable and a 3-pin A-RGB cable along with a pass-through connector. I appreciate the use of the standard pin format by PCCOOLER.

20220211 131420 Copy

Each mounting corner has a cut-to-design anti-vibration pad.


RGB Lighting

The A-RGB lighting is not overly done to my personal liking. It is subtle yet vivid and I love the bright colors giving a good AURA. Here are a few pictures of these fans in action:



The following test bench is used for checking the speed range and corresponding airflow: –

  • ASUS ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming WiFi
  • Intel i7 11600k [Stock, Auto]
  • DeepCool Castle 240EX White
  • T-Force NightHawk RGB 16GB @ 3200MHz
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 FE
  • Addlink S70 256GB NVMe SSD
  • bequiet! Straight Power 11 850W Platinum PSU
  • Thermaltake Core P6 Snow Edition converted into an open-frame layout


Here is a table showing Voltage Regulated speed and corresponding airflow measurements of the fan:

PWM Range (%) Speed (RPM) Airflow (CFM)
20 613 12
30 656 16
40 709 20
50 915 26
60 1190 35
70 1400 43
80 1481 48
90 1500 50
100 1580 51



The above plotting is showing the graph of three metrics (Voltage Regulation, Speed, and Airflow) of the values shown in the table above.

Interestingly enough, we are not seeing any significant improvement after the 70% PWM range of these fans. We have tested both fans individually and both were behaving in the same manner.

Thermal Performance Result

We have run AIDA64 Extreme 6.3 [FPU] run for 30 minutes using the stock fans on the DeepCool cooler and then repeated the step with the PCCOOLER EF120 A-RGB fans. Here is the result:


There was a difference of 3.5°C between the DeepCool fans and the PCCOOLER fans which is obvious as the DeepCool fans have a stronger static pressure and better overall statistics.


PCCOOLER has released new fans named EF120 A-RGB fans. These are 120mm fans with some killer A-RGB lighting effects all around. These fans are available in black and white colors and we have tested both variants. These fans have a dimension of 120x120x25mm. The rotational speed is Up to 1500 RPM ±10% with up to 61.3 CFM being the maximum airflow at 12VDC. The noise level is rated at 25.7 dB(A) max. The static pressure rating is 1.47 mmH₂O.

Each fan has 7 translucent blades for a better transfusion of the RGB lighting. There is a loop running on the top of the frame across the entire length with a gap. Then we have another loop which is on the sides of the frame. This loop is visible inside the frame as well as the outer side. Then we have a loop on the backside of the frame, making these fans all about the RGB AURA goodness.

The frame has a ring design and mounting corners have cut-to-size anti-vibration pads. The fans’ A-RGB lighting is compatible with ASUS AURA SYNC, GIGABYTE RGB FUSION 2.0, MSI MYSTIC LIGHT SYNC, and ASRock POLYCHROME SYNC. The use of standard connectors makes these fans compatible with the majority of the motherboards and external controllers.  I appreciate the good lighting effect on these fans.

The black edition of EF120 A-RGB has an MSRP of USD 17 whereas the white edition has USD 18 MSRP. Both have a 3-years warranty from the manufacturer. We got the single fan packs and we are not sure if PCCOOLER would release the 3-fans pack in the coming time or not. Speaking of numbers, these fans have a decent figure. We have tested these fans on the DeepCool Castle 240EX White cooler. These fans were almost silent and performs just fine compared to the powerful DeepCool fans. These would do better for the case ventilation with style.

Thanks to PCCOOLER for sending the EF120 A-RGB White and Black fans for review.

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