Manufacturer: Drevo
Product Page: X1 120GB
Price: $54.99 At the time of review


Today I am taking a look at the DREVO X1 Pro 128GB SSD. So far we have looked at the DREVO X1 120GB and DREVO X1 240GB SSDs and were overall happy with them. DREVO is somewhat of a new company still, and their product catalog is growing but not very large as of yet. What they do have is a line up of really nice budget friendly products aimed squarely at the gaming market, that performs really well.

The DREVO X1 PRO 128GB SSD is boasting R/W Speeds of up to 560MB/s Read and 500MB/s Write. If these speeds are obtainable, which we will check out a bit further on, this will make the X1 Pro 128GB a well rounded SSD. Having the capability to reach these kinds of speeds in a SSD is essential to compete in today’s Storage Market and DREVOs price point right where it should be. As with most SSD ranges, Drevo has included a few different sizes which can also have an impact on the overall read and write speeds. Generally speaking, the less space the SSD has to offer, the less performance it will offer as well.

Touching on the box and packaging there are no extra added frills or differences at all between the other two drives we already reviewed from the X1 lineup. Well packaged in a box not much bigger than the SSD itself that’s labelled with the DREVO logo and their signature lightning bolt going through it.


On the back of the box is the Warranty info and some tips for installing the X1 Pro SSD.


The SSD comes in a anti-static packaging as well so you won’t have to worry about any ESD when you first receive the drive.


Along with the SSD comes a nice sticker. I have found installing these on a clear panel with led lighting behind it has the best effect, as you can see in the photo of my daily use box below there are two DREVO stickers there in the bottom right. One is on the glass with light behind and the other is on the black basement of the case behind the glass.


Closer Look

When it comes to aesthetics, the DREVO X1 Pro is very nice to look at and touch. It’s in the grey metal casing we have come to know of DREVO with the big yellow lightning bolt appearing to give off electricity. Also on the front, we can see the capacity of the SSD alongside the stated Read and Write speeds.


On the back are some of the specifications and features of the drive. The information here is probably the most info you will find on this drive, even checking the DREVO website doesn’t turn up as much info as this sticker holds.


Having a closer look at the chips on the drive and we have what appears to be SiliconMotion Flash Memory on this board confirmed by DREVO themselves.


Flipping the drive over and we can see the Silicon Motion SM2258XT controller. The same controller can also be found in Various Transcend SSDs.


Still hopeful that DREVO will provide more information regarding the individual specifications of the components that make up their SSDs on their product website, but at least it looks like they their trend of using well-known companies is still there!

Performance and Usage


Anvil SSD Benchmark Template


AS SSD Benchmark Template


Crystal Disk Mark

Final Thoughts

While the speeds were a little hit or miss at times depending on the benchmark used, the DREVO X1 Pro 128 is delivering a punch that you would feel right away if you were upgrading from a standard HDD to one of these as your main operating system drive. I think DREVO is landing right where they need to where Price vs Performance is concerned, offering up a solid drive for just a refresh of an operating system drive all the way to a snappy and sleek looking game drive.


Getting into the SSD market is getting more and more affordable every day. With companies like DREVO bringing a very nice feeling, looking, and running budget product to the table makes the move away from your HDDs more tempting by the day. DREVO is aiming for the gaming market and I think they are bringing a good price to performance competitor to the table with their lineup of X1 Pro SSDs.


I have used the drive over the last two weeks for everything from benchmarking to gaming and as a cache device for my video editing, and the DREVO X1 Pro 128GB performed as expected in each of those tasks. This is a well-rounded budget SSD aimed at the gaming market and I believe it is a quality product priced just where it needs to be.

Enos Tech Useful Award