How far are you willing to go to cool your CPU and overall, keep your whole system temps down? Well, Raijintek has offered us a chance to review their FORKIS PRO RBW CPU Water block! Previously we have taken a look at their CWB-RGB CPU Water Block so was quite looking forward to testing the FORKIS PRO out and seeing just what it has to offer. Now, for those who may not feel confident in going with a full custom loop, we have done some extensive cooler testing for both AIR and AIO Coolers and have even pitted them against each other in a massive Round-up!

There is a lot more that goes into a complete water-cooled build aside from a good CPU block, however, the FORKIS PRO RBW is our focus for this article and we will take a look at the other pieces of the build in a different review! This block features ARGB lighting which as most will know, can easily be controlled with most motherboards on the market these days! You can also get hubs and other products to help control the lighting but if you can connect it to your motherboard you have the best chance of integrating it with any other ARGB based products you may have in your build.


  • 1 dot2 17Rainbow RGB (Addressable) LED light
  • 1 dot2 173D micro-structure flow tunnel inside
  • 1 dot2 17Full copper material melted by alloying brazing
  • 1 dot2 17Nickel-plated & mirror polishing treatment
  • 1 dot2 17G1/4” thread able to upgrade water cooling system easily connected to all components
  • 1 dot2 17High compatible universal solid back-plate to prevent M/B distortion
  • 1 dot2 17Operating steady & silent & User friendly installation
  • 1 dot2 17High compatible installation for all present modern CPU

FORKIS PRO RGB Packaging And Accessories

The box is used for both the FORKIS PRO RBW which we are looking at and the FORKIS ELITE which is the non-ARGB variant of the FORKIS CPU water cooling block. As you can see, there is a small square they can check/fill in to say which version it is inside the box. Other than this, the box is quite plain and simple!

Raijintek Forkis Pro RBW packaging

Inside the box are the CPU water block, backplate and all the mounting hardware you will need to mount this on the compatible AMD and INTEL CPUs. You will also find some thermal paste and a handy little spreader to help ensure your whole CPU has a nice thin layer applied across the top. Everything is nicely labelled in its own individual bags so it should be quite easy to only get out the hardware you need to mount.

forkis socket compatibility

Raijintek Forkis Pro RBW accessories

We have installed this on our MSI X570 MEG UNIFY board and must say, it was quite easy and only took a couple of minutes. It looks quite nice even before the fluid and RGB is added which is a bonus.

Raijintek Forkis Pro RBW installed

The FORKIS RBW features a full copper water block that is nickel-plated! While you won’t see it once installed when you do first see the underside it just gives you that little extra confidence that this is a quality product.

forkis 7

Raijintek FORKIS RBW Closer Look

While it does look nice without lights, we all know we came here to see it all lit up! If you are a fan of RGB, you will love the way this looks and the fact that it is ARGB compatible and easily connects to your motherboard which makes controlling the colours very easy. The single cable coming from it is easy to hide and has a decent length to it. I managed to tuck the cable behind the motherboard before I installed the motherboard in the case and had more than enough room to make sure it was connected properly.

20210825 093500

Raijintek Forkis Pro RBW RGB

20210825 093523

20210825 093506

20210825 093515

20210825 093513

20210825 093514

Final Words


Currently coming in at £64.99 from Overclockers UK The FORKIS PRO RBW is competitively priced when it comes to the current market. For those of you that now Raijintek, you will know they offer some good quality products while remaining affordable. A quick Google search shows similar RGB CPU Water Blocks coming in with a price of anywhere from £56 up to £80 so Raijintek has found themselves a good solid middle ground. While there is no denying that a full-on custom loop is generally more expensive than that of an AIO Cooler, there is also no denying that the prices are getting more reasonable. Also, a proper water cooled build looks absolutely amazing and gives you a sense of accomplishment once it’s all done and up and running.


From an aesthetic standpoint, the FORKIS PRO RBW is very nice on the eyes. For those that aren’t fans of RGB, don’t fret because as we mentioned, there is also a non-RGB version of the FORKIS CPU water clock. Instead of just leaving the top of the block all acrylic with RGB shining through, Raijintek added some Aluminium to help and diffuse the brightness of the lighting a bit, which works out well. While there is an area around where you insert the tubing that you can see the RGB on the top, most of it does come from around the edges which looks amazing as you can see in the pictures above.


Now, for one of the more important factors of a CPU water block. We put the FORKIS PRO RBW to the test on a full loop that was cooling a Ryzen 5900X CPU and a Radeon RX 6800 GPU which had an Alphacool Eisblock on it. Idle temps were ridiculously low, with an ambient room temp of 20c the CPU temp with the FORKIS PRO RBW was 22c at idle. When gaming, the 5900X temp would just to 41c and at full load, it was jumping between 45-46c! These temps were a bit cooler than some of the 360mm AIOs we have tested and this loop has a GPU in it whereas the AIO was just cooling the CPU!

What it all comes down to is the fact that the FORKIS PRO RBW is a great CPU water block and will not only do a good job keeping things cool, it will also add some aesthetic appeal to your build. Raijintek also make all the other components you would need to have a complete loop using all their own products so make sure to check their other stuff out as well!

Enos Tech Must Have Award

Price, performance and looks, the FORKIS PRO RBW from Raijintek have it all!